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  1. themakeupmommy1

    Concealer as eyeshadow primer

    Do you use concealer as eyeshadow primer? If so, which one do you use? I hear that MAC Pro Longwear concealer is really good for this.
  2. themakeupmommy1

    Nude matte eye primer... is there a better one than UDPP in Eden?

    I have really oily lids and lots of discoloration so I need it to conceal a bit as well as control oil. I have Soft Ocher by MAC but it always feels heavy on and it creases on me. I plan on getting UDPP in Eden but I just want to know if you lovelies have a better recommendation. Thank you :)
  3. themakeupmommy1

    Nail strengtheners

    What is the best nail strengthener? I haven't used one before but I was looking into getting either OPI Nail Envy or one of the many from Essie. Are there any better options out there though? Thanks :)
  4. themakeupmommy1

    Brow color recommendations PLEASE!!

    I am having the hardest time finding the right brow powder color. Everything ends up being too dark or too red. My eyebrows are a dark brown but my hair color is an ashy brown with natural warm highlights at the crown near my forehead. I have found that if I use a color that has even a little...