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  1. xLongLashesx

    makeup for new mums

    hi guys! I'm going to try to conceive my first in a few months so have been trawling the pregnancy/parenting forums for info on what to do and what to expect. I came across a thread asking if new mums still wore makeup on a regular basis other than special occasions.. the consensus was that...
  2. xLongLashesx

    Dupe for Beauty Marked?

    Are there any other MAC shadows similar to Beauty Marked?
  3. xLongLashesx

    Blush colours to go with Cyndi VG?

    I just got Cyndi VG lippie today and have never worn a coral/red before. blush recs anyone? i'm NW35
  4. xLongLashesx

    E.L.F available in Australia

    so I went in to a random chemist today, and lo and behold... they had an ELF stand! Has anyone else seen it available to buy here? I flipped out but had a look and some of the brushes didn't look so hot, I was expecting great things after hearing all the raves on youtube.
  5. xLongLashesx

    Just came across this website- Has anyone used these guys before? They've got all US brands nyx, milani, sleek, coastal scents, even red cherry lashes..
  6. xLongLashesx

    Show us your stash!!

    Okies so I thought I'd start it off.. mine are more pics of how I keep my stuff rather than what I've got cos really I don't have that much.. soon to change though as I'm returning to full time work at my old job in a couple of weeks and ooh the hauling shall begin! Pics are clickable btw-...
  7. xLongLashesx

    Fluidline vs Technakohl for waterline

    I recently spoke to a MAC artist who recommended either fluidline or technakhol for the upper waterline, I want something that won't transfer to the bottom where I apply a peach liner to make my eyes look bigger. I haven't tried either, what does everyone prefer?
  8. xLongLashesx

    Rec's for Cool neutrals

    I'm newly blonde so checking out some new colours to brighten up my new look! I'm cool toned and warm browns look muddy and hideous on me. Any suggestions on cooler browns I can try? I love satin taupe and magnetic fields for starters.
  9. xLongLashesx

    Eye Anatomy Q

    Okay guys, this is going to sound like the dumbest question ever but it's got me lying awake at night. What exactly is a crease, is it the bit where the skin folds or is it the eye socket? And when we say crease colour, do we all mean exactly the same spot? Some people say it's the bit where...
  10. xLongLashesx

    hair colour/ makeup colours

    Do any of you guys change your makeup colours when you change your hair? I went from brunette to blonde on the weekend, not blonde/blonde more a honey colour and suddenly my favourite e/s don't cut it for me anymore! I wore my fave constructivist/satin taupe combo today and it just looks weird.
  11. xLongLashesx

    Pressing pigments.. what am I doing wrong?

    I'm fiddling around with pressing loose shadows and pigments. When I went to use them though, one of them cracked and shifted around. I used alcohol.. should I be putting something else in them to make them stick?
  12. xLongLashesx

    MAC scents

    I've noticed the one thing we never talk about is the perfumes that MAC has. Does anyone like them or are they really dodgy? I tried Dejarose which I liked but the BF said it smelt 'old'.. then today I tried one of their regular ones I can't remember which colour it was and it was really nice...
  13. xLongLashesx

    MAC in-store seminars

    Quote: From Events on the MAC website: "Learn from the M·A·C Pros in a seminar designed to teach you the techniques to enhance your skill of makeup application. Get M·A·C educated! $120 fee redeemable with purchase of M·A·C products on the day" I've been eyeing this on the MAC...
  14. xLongLashesx

    I think I've been swaplifted!

    I've been patiently waiting for two packages from swappers on MUA. Then I received word from another member that BOTH of them have swaplifted others who are also waiting for their packages. What's the chances!
  15. xLongLashesx

    F&F sale

    So.. I'm getting more than a little excited about this pending F&F business. How are you ladies taking advantage of it? Do I find a CP person now and load them up with my list?
  16. xLongLashesx

    Anyone else wishing it were summer?

    I look at my NC40 and it makes me wonder how I ever got that brown! I'm back to NC25.. I look so much better with a tan (faux of course)