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  1. tirurit

    MAC Prolongwear Lipcolour in Clingpeach, lipstick version?

    One of the first items I bought of MAC is the Prolongwear lipcolour in Clingpeach ​, and I loooooove the colour. Sadly, it has recently gone bad It smells plasticky and the clear gel is all clumpy and gelatine like. Poor thing, as much as I love how long it stays on my lips and how...
  2. tirurit

    Powder brushes

    I am in the market for a new powder brush to set my foundation and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. On the mac front, it looks like the mac 150 is been said to be a bit scratchy. Is it comparable to how 129 is slightly scratchy? I can deal with that but I honestly...
  3. tirurit

    MAC France

    Hi! This might sound like the dumbest question ever, but I am going to be spending a couple weeks on the southeast of France and I wondered if there are any MAC Pro Stores in the Côte d'Azur. I would love to take advantage of my visit to be able to get my hands on a few items I've had on...
  4. tirurit

    Hello from the Mediterranian Sea

    Hi, I am a long time lurker who finally found her courage to sing up. I wasn't into make up at all until a few years ago when, I can't remember why, I became fascinated by the endless possibilities. I started wearing "safe" colours and today I am a lover of bold lips and winged...