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  1. she

    fav WOC/BOC nail blogs

    i'm on the hunt for WOC nail blogs. the few i have come across have not been updated recently. favs? suggestions?
  2. she

    Favorite urban beauty supply store products

    to define urban is going to usually entail an establishment that hands you a black bag with no logo in which to carry your purchase we can include sally beauty supply as well because i like that place and don't want to double thread- so specifically things you have not found at a drugstore but...
  3. she

    WOC: Art Supplies

    blame my mind and not my heart if this has already been covered, but is anyone grabbing any of the upcoming art supplies collection? a mua swatched me with the pearlglide liners and two of the lip markers about two weeks ago and i want them all: please ignore the poor quality of the...