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  1. Sushi_Flower

    Non obvious/too light eyeshadow highlight for NC42 & darker skins in general?

    I hate wearing a highlighter colour on my brown that is too light/frosty/shimmery. Sometimes it looks good, but it can make the look too drag queeny/over done aswell. I'd love to find a shade that does highlight but looks almost natural/subtle for my NC42 skintone. Right now i use Bobbi Brown...
  2. Sushi_Flower

    Tips for doing makeup on a bride

    Not just makeup tips but everything to do with the process. Dealing with the client in regards to good communication, dealing with OTT fussy bride-zillas and crazy requests, making sure you get a good work space where they are, and yes most importantly makeup tips aswell as bridal makeup is...
  3. Sushi_Flower

    Using the Liquidlast with a seperate brush - How well does it work?

    I know i could never be doing with the applicator Liquidlast comes with so i was thinking how well would my normal Fluidline brush and technique for applying work with Liquidlast? I'm sure someone once said it wouldn't work very well due the texture of the Liquidlast? Anyone else already do this?
  4. Sushi_Flower

    MAC has so many eye lining products now - How do you decide which format to get?!!?

    I thought once Fluidline came out that they will become the firm favourite for most people and that there would never be anything better - but they've had the Liquidlast liners out and now Techna colour and there's still the usual pencil liners...How do you decide which format to get? I was...
  5. Sushi_Flower

    Leeds Harvey Nichols MAC thread

    Can anyone else who shops there keep things updated if possible? Since been on holiday from uni i hardly get to go, compared to when i was at uni i could go any day i liked, so i feel abit nervous about missing out on things i really want. I know there's UK release dates but they never come out...
  6. Sushi_Flower

    Need lots of MAC bridal makeup reccomendations

    Anything that you think is essential to use on a bride to make her look gorgeous, healthy and perfect, be it specific tools, products, specific shades, e/s , lipsticks etc or even techniques/tips/advice! Also keep in mind that the products would be used on skin in the NC40s or above - mostly...
  7. Sushi_Flower

    Is there a MAC range you haven't bought from yet?

    There's loads of 'ranges' from MAC i haven't bought from yet though i've tried everything at counters and makeovers etc so feel like i have used them anyway but just don't need them or haven't had the chance to buy them as new collections lure me in and there's just too much of other things i...
  8. Sushi_Flower

    Fluidline V Liquidlast Liners

    So anybody know how they compare to eachother? I've heard Liquidlast last ages and the colour range looks gorgeous and i know the applicators like the Glitter liner ones - but not much more than that. I'd love it if they were as good or better than Fluidline just because of the convenience of...
  9. Sushi_Flower

    Biotherm Light! Foundation - An amazing product!

    (Note - The references to 'sinning', ''forgive me'' & 'loyal' etc are tongue in cheek and a joke seen as this is site for MAC fans and not to be taken seriously - people didn't seem to understand the last time i talked like this. The Lush members are more used to this kind of talk though as we...
  10. Sushi_Flower

    Romantic HOTD! - Curled my hair using just GHDs..*pics*

    ..and it turned out surprisingly well! I'd always tried doing a few strands now and again but never thought it would be possible for me in particular to do all of my thick hair which is naturally straight and doesn't hold curls and make it look good, but today i just carried on doing it all and...
  11. Sushi_Flower

    What are MACs 'natural' looking e/s textures?

    What MAC e/s textures create the most natural look? As in a ''i'm not wearing makeup'' look. Is it Satin? The MA used mainly Frost on me when i asked for a natural, fresh look at my makeover saying those would look more natural..but then again she gave me smoky eyes for my 'natural/fresh' look...
  12. Sushi_Flower

    Want a lipstick that looks exactly like this.. PIC included..

    This 2nd pic makes it look lighter than it is i think from what people are saying, i think it's the reflection and the camera making it look lighter! It's Hover lipliner with clear gloss - i love Hover lipliner, it just suits me everytime and balances my face, great colour, and gives my...
  13. Sushi_Flower

    Were the twist up lip liners LE?

    I thought they were permenant but there is no sign of them at my counter anymore since they came out. Wish i got one while i could now!
  14. Sushi_Flower

    Lets reminisce about past collections..

    Someone mentioned Rose D'Or bronzer stick earlier and it made me think of Belle Azure and all the other past collections like Madame B and High Tea which i remember seeing last year (but wasn't into MAC enough to check them out properly) and it's kind of wierd to think that collections come and...
  15. Sushi_Flower

    Anyoed tried Skin Doctors (Care Co)?

    I came across a new section of skin care by Care Co which apprantly had different skin care brands under it's name and they make specialist skin care mainly, things like specific problems such as eye circles, uneven skintone, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation etc The lady there was really nice...
  16. Sushi_Flower

    Veluxe Pearl without the metallic/shiny finish?

    Everyone loves VP and they are great to apply but i don't always like the metallica/shiny finish it gives. What is just as blendable but doesn't give as shiny a finish? Don't necessarily want something matte though. What is Veluxe like in comparison to VP?
  17. Sushi_Flower

    Which white MAC eyeliner for inner eye to make eyes look bigger?

    I have just looked up the white (ish) eyeliners MAC do and there seems to be 3 - Fascinating - Khol Gilded White - Powerpoint Frostlite - Fluidline Which one would be best for lining the inner rims and making my eyes look bigger and staying out all day? I know Fluidline is meant to stay on...
  18. Sushi_Flower

    Any De Menthe replicas out there?

  19. Sushi_Flower

    My Ruby Red Lips of the Day

    I didn't plan to wear red lips for the first time on Valentines but i was wearing a red piece with my outfit and i thought i'd take it as a chance to wear Fresh Moroccan as it's a colour i wouldn't really wear alot as it's too much for me but it felt fitting today and coordinated well with my...
  20. Sushi_Flower

    How do you apply a crease?

    I've never applied a crease but now i'm trying to get into it. Please explain how you do it, i've seen loads of different styles and effects and i've no idea how some of them are created. Also i don't know how people blend the crease but manage to still keep that crease area colour defined and...