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  1. stirfryedshana

    MAC It's a Strike (August 18th, 2016)

    I finally got my envelope from Macy's today.....unfortunately that was ALL I got. The envelope was ripped open at the top and completely empty except for the reciept and some kind of ad. I emailed customer service again. I'm so annoyed! This is what it looks like
  2. stirfryedshana

    MAC It's a Strike (August 18th, 2016)

    And now my tracking info says this uuuuuugh
  3. stirfryedshana

    MAC Blue Nectar June 2nd/ June 9th 2016

    Haven't worn Sweet Venom yet and am waiting on Courting Seduction and Ablaze, but I wore Lured In today and I loved it! This is a horrible picture bc I was out yardsaling and dying in the heat though lol.
  4. stirfryedshana

    MAC Blue Nectar June 2nd/ June 9th 2016

    Here they are! Sweet Venom on top, Lured In on bottom. Both super pretty!
  5. stirfryedshana

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    Re-watched it, the online exclusive looks like a Pink Pearly Lipglass, and here's a pic where you can see the full collection minus the lipglass. ETA: Ignore this 'cuz Dolly got better pics lol!
  6. stirfryedshana

    Mac x Brooke Candy Part 2 (April 28/ May 5 2016)

    So I wore Doo Wop today and it was actually more muted than I expected! I mean it's gorgeous I just tend to like more in your face colors lol. EDIT: I'm realizing in this pic it looks weirdly similar to my avi which I'm wearing Have Your Cake in...strange because they're pretty different colors.
  7. stirfryedshana

    Mac x Brooke Candy Part 2 (April 28/ May 5 2016)

    Grabbed a few of my pinks to swatch them next to Doo Wop! In the pic all the swatches look pretty similar and I imagine they mostly are on the lips but the finishes are all different. The most similar would probably be Be Silly (which is darker, more magenta), Kelly Yum Yum (glossier, more...
  8. stirfryedshana

    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2016

    My friend just sent me this pic that she saw on insta, any info on this collection? The packaging looks really cool! The big Summer collection maybe?
  9. stirfryedshana

    MAC Flamingo Park Collection (Jan. 28, 2016)

    So I ended up getting The Fashion Flock, Flocking Fabulous, Be Silly, and Have Your Cake lipsticks (plus two blushes). Here's HYC, which isn't a color I'd normally go for but I really love how it looks! and Flocking Fabulous, which I'm sad pulls a lot more red on me than pink
  10. stirfryedshana

    Sonia Kashuk

    Has anyone seen the new Spring 2016 brush sets in their Target yet? I saw a picture of one of the new sets, it has black and white handles with writing and then bright yellow bristles. I haven't seen them in store yet or online but I have no idea when they usually start putting those up. I...
  11. stirfryedshana

    MAC Flamingo Park Collection (Jan. 28, 2016)

    Wore The Fashion Flock and Spring Flock yesterday, they were gorgeous together...not the greatest picture because you can't even see the blush and the lipstick looks a lot more muted than in real life but figured I'd post it anyway!
  12. stirfryedshana

    MAC Flamingo Park Collection (Jan. 28, 2016)

    Finally got to do some swatches! I swatched The Fashion Flock against most of my corals. Reel Sexy was close but far more orange than TFF. Flamingo was also similar but much lighter and less pigmented. Viva Glam Nicki was actually pretty similar but not as bright. I also swatched it against...
  13. stirfryedshana

    MAC X CFDA Collection (2017)

    Kind of weird we have pics of some of the products already but it's not coming out until 2017, isn't it?
  14. stirfryedshana

    New To The Forum!

    Hi everyone, I just found this site today and knew immediately I had to join! I just recently became super obsessed with makeup and now I'm building up my collections. I'm going through an awful time in my life right now, so buying makeup, talking about it, using it etc is really what's making...