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  1. kaliraksha

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    I love Halloweeeeeen! Probably part of why I like makeup. Was wondering what you guys are going to be for Halloween? What are you doing that night or weekend? What ideas are you choosing between? Seems like Halloween is all over the place.... crafts, shopping, recommendations, and just plain...
  2. kaliraksha

    Myers-Briggs Personality

    I remember taking the Myers-Briggs test in one of my psych classes and remember it really helping me understand myself and why I felt different from others at times. Wondering if any of you ladies & gents know yours or are interested in sharing, talking about what parts are true or hokum...
  3. kaliraksha

    Inception movie

    Did anyone see Inception? What did you guys think? I liked it, but it was a bit of an over hype to me. I remember it was trending like mad on Twitter for a few days and people were talking about seeing it more than twice on opening weekend. It was really well done, but I felt like the...
  4. kaliraksha

    Which magazines do you subscribe to?

    I think magazine subscriptions say a lot about a person. Which ones do you subscribe to or love?
  5. kaliraksha

    What are you lusting for?

    So, we have the "things I've recently purchased" thread... but I think a few of us shopaholics know there's more to buying... some of the fun is in the lusting! Show me what you want! Outrageous or future purchase plan... anything really.
  6. kaliraksha

    Mini Burger Cupcakes: Need Help/Ideas!

    I've been charged with making these this weekend. I need ideas! I figure vanilla cake tops and bottoms, really chocolatey chocolate "meats" (chocolatier= darker), and frosting w/ food coloring for rest. Oh, and sesame seeds for added effect. But, I would love to make it more realistic...
  7. kaliraksha

    Senior Superlatives

    I got the idea from this thred: and the lovely chocolategoddess! What was your senior superlative?
  8. kaliraksha

    Prenuptial Agreements?

    So, my friends and I had a "discussion" regarding prenups and I was wondering how most people feel about prenups now in days? I definitely see pros and cons to each side. Has anyone gotten a pre-nup and are you happy you did? Do you plan to get a pre-nup? Why? Are you against pre-nups? Why? If...
  9. kaliraksha

    Eyelash extensions?

    Well, I finally found a reputable place that does these in my town at a great price and I've always been curious/ obsessed with my eyelashes... my only fear is if I love them will I start a pricey addiction. Has anyone had them done? Was it worth it to you? How long did they last? How do you...
  10. kaliraksha

    Marriage- yay or nay?

    So, I'm curious what you all think about marriage? I am the only one out of my mid-20 to early 30s friends who believes that marriages can work. All of my friends are anti-marriage. My questions for you are what do you think it takes to make a marriage work? What has helped your marriage be...
  11. kaliraksha

    How safe is the plastic in your sex toys?

    Ever thought about the toxins in your sex toys? | By Emily Gertz | Grist | Main Dish | 06 Dec 2005 I just read this article and totally felt the need to share. It kills me but I am retiring my current toys just to be safe and looking for alternatives. I would much rather be safe than sorry...
  12. kaliraksha

    How long to Wait Between Hair Process & Hair Color?

    Ok, so am DYI for budget reasons (saving for Vegas in December, yay!)-- I used a frizz remover on my long curly hair described as a gentle non-thio, no ammonia formula on Sunday. Product is here: (Which by the way worked GREAT... my hair is soft...
  13. kaliraksha

    How did you meet your significant other? boyfriend, husband, fiance, fling

    Alright ladies, let's hear the stories! I love these type of stories because it's great to think about what we might have missed had it not been for this chance encounter. Doesn't have to be current or anything- your favorite or maybe most unusual? I will post mine later when I have a bit more...
  14. kaliraksha

    Motivation! Is this real?

    My title says it all- check it out!
  15. kaliraksha

    Cozumel? Cancun, Playa area Suggestions/Ideas?

    As the title suggest I’m going to Cozumel in about a month with my fiancé. It was my surprise gift to him for no reason at all. I have been twice before- once when I was a little girl and about 3 years ago with family. When I was little we just went for a day trip while staying in Cancun. Then...
  16. kaliraksha

    Great Place to Work- Google!

    You guys need to look at this! Seriously, I want to work for Google now.
  17. kaliraksha

    Thyroid Issues

    Anyone experience any thyroid issues? Symptoms? I think I may need to go get checked out but my insurance isn't covering me right now due to my dropping a class and being a part time student instead of full time. So, unwisely, I'm trying to self diagnose in the mean time. Sigh. The bold ones are...
  18. kaliraksha

    Student Loan Help- much appreciated!

    You guys, I am so lost. I’m going into my last 1 to 1.5 years of school (a little behind here, heh) and I cannot figure out how people get loans at such low interest rates. I’ve always paid my school tuition and living expenses myself and until recently I was doing just fine. Recently, I had...
  19. kaliraksha

    Formal Event- Poker Night

    Hey girls & guys, I have a question- I'm taking my fiance to a very formal casino night at a hotel. Help me pick a dress to buy! I went the the store this morning and these are the three that I'm stuck on. People get really dressed up, like tux and formal dresses. Oh and if it helps I have dark...
  20. kaliraksha

    A Present For all of our Recently Engaged Chickies

    Just right click and save as and then use as an icon if you wish =)