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  1. 27dots

    Anyone else had issues regarding delivery from the MAC UK site?

    I've now received damaged packages from mac on three separate occasions. I understand that accidents happen, but I feel it happening this many times is just ridiculous! The first time it happened the parcel didn't reach me nor did anyone from mac get in touch to let me know what was...
  2. 27dots

    131 sold out on uk site

    is it likely to be back in stock again? I have a few other bits to order (nothing LE, so don't need to worry about anything else selling out) and not sure whether I should wait to order them or go ahead and do it? tia
  3. 27dots

    recs for this look?

    sorry the pics aren't bigger
  4. 27dots

    Can anyone rec a lipstick??

    that matches this? (sorry the picture isn't great) And I'm really sorry if this isn't the right board to post this on. I wasn't sure. Thanks in advance