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  1. MacAtFirstSight

    ========^^========My manageable stash

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to take some pictures of my stash. Not everything is in the pictures... because I got lazy halfway into taking pics. lol Hope you enjoy the stash nonetheless x) Where I keep it all: Inside the sterilite drawer: My Eyeshadows: My Blush:
  2. MacAtFirstSight

    Naked Cosmetics Swatches

    I only have the "Shock Effect" set: Swatched w/o base, using water as mixing medium. pic taken from
  3. MacAtFirstSight

    Recommend/Suggest a Good Eye Cream please

    Hello lovelies, I'm looking for a good eye cream, that will ideally prevent wrinkles, dark circles and moisturizes/hydrates at the same time. I am on a budget so please recommend me a good affordable eye cream. Thanks so much
  4. MacAtFirstSight


    ahh i feel like i spend too much money on makeup. I keep telling my bf that it's going to be my last haul lol Light flush MSF, Tempting eye quad, Shadowy Lady quad Heatherette Smooth Harmony BP, 3N l/s, l/s i forget the name of, Graphology e/s, Dainty MB, Gentle MB Eversun blush, Emote blush...
  5. MacAtFirstSight

    CCO MAC Haul - MSF, blush, Lipees

    MSF - Shooting star, Shimpaign, Porcelain pink Creme blush - Sweet william, Blossoming Fafi blush Blot Powder pressed - Medium lip conditioner, Steepin out dazzleglass, 3D glass in APEX oh and also forgot to add: Face brush set from holiday '07 and brush 178
  6. MacAtFirstSight

    CCO + MAC + VS haul :) *first thread posting*

    left to right [top row] :MSFN medium dark, greenstroke pp, cashflow pp, rubinesque pp left to right: joyous, true romantic, shy beauty, VS pearly queen, X-rocks, Other worldly Mostly blushes My bf decided to be nice and buy me some MAC yesterday The MSFN are from the MAC store and the pout...