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  1. zuiahiah99

    g's to gents?

    Did anyone catch this show last night on MTV? These guys are a hot mess. This show reminds me of Charm School for guys.
  2. zuiahiah99

    Italian Vogue: All Black Issue

    Has anyone found the Italian vogue yet?? I really want to get it!!
  3. zuiahiah99

    My first small cco haul

    I have been in cco before and never bought anything, but this time i got: Ablaze blush(smoke signals) algorithm 3d glass racy 3d glass I will post pictures soon.
  4. zuiahiah99

    Mally beauty

    i was watching qvc tonight and i saw this brand on their. have anyone tried the smokey eye kit? or any of the lippies?
  5. zuiahiah99

    essence beauty awards

    I just got the new August issue with Usher and baby Usher on the cover and they had the award winners for their reader's choice beauty awards listed. Some of the winners were: eyeshadow: Mac- goldmine, mythology,honey lust, shroom, and amber lights lip gloss Mac- nymphette, viva glam VIse...
  6. zuiahiah99

    woc-sonic chic

    i was thinking about getting Merrily Lovething Gentle What's on your list?
  7. zuiahiah99

    electroflash/color forums for NW50

    anythoughts on these new collection. I am really interested in the richmetal highlighters, but nordstroms is 2 hours away from my house. I am a nw50 any thoughts would be helpful.