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  1. chynacuppycake

    Combating oily skin

    I think i may have the most oily skin on the planet seriously, my nose, my forehead, and my eyebrows look like i sprayed myself with baby oil less than 10min after my makeup application. all i do it wash my face with a light soap like dove, apply an oil free moisturizer, wait for it to settle...
  2. chynacuppycake

    Best treatment for hyper pigmentation??

    Hey everyone! So I have a condition called Pcos and it causes me to get bumps and dark spots on my face that are super hard to fade. Does any one know of the best treatment for hyper pigmentation or. Do you have a hyper pigmentation skin care routine that you could share please? Btw I have very...
  3. chynacuppycake

    Kat von d lock it for WOC

    Ok after reading so many reviews and watching so many videos of people raving about the kat von d foundation I had to try it. I went to sephora to get color matched......i was pissed to find out that she doesn't make a shade to fit me! I would be some where between 68 and 70 ( I think the...