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  1. darklocke

    Chartreuse Pigment

    Hello fellow Specktrettes, I have two jars of MAC Chartreuse Pigment, once which I've bought off eBay and another which I've bought from someone on Specktra. I'm pretty sure that one of these jars are authentic, but I kinda need your help to establish which one it is. I think I know, but...
  2. darklocke

    I tried doing a search, but all I came up with was posts saying that is a place to get your perfumes online. My questions is therefore.. does anyone know if is genuine? I don't know, but for instance they sell the Juicy Couture perfumes for half the price as they...
  3. darklocke

    "I've Caught a Falling Star"

    I got this idea today that I just had to do a silver and red look, so I pulled out my palette (or one of them anyway), and this was the result. It would have looked a lot better with a liner, but I haven't learned how to master that liner yet.. it'll come. Products: Urban Decay Primer Potion...
  4. darklocke

    Database with ALL LE products?

    Hello people! I'm kinda wondering if anyone of you know of some place where all the LE products MAC has come out with is listed? When I buy stuff from private sellers like I have here on Specktra, I like to see the official description of the product and colors, but I'm having a hard time...
  5. darklocke

    MUFE virgin no more!

    Yesterday I finally got my precious package from France containing gorgeous treasures from MUFE! I don't have pictures of everything (due to the fact that I have to much on my plate right now), but here's my brand new MUFE palette! In addition to these 7 matte MUFE shadows I received the cutest...
  6. darklocke

    My preeeciooous.. MAC palettes!

    I must admit I'm a wee bit ashamed of posting this as I've been into MAC for less than a year, but I know I don't have to explain the concept of addiction to any of you! I haven't dared to open all my drawers at the same time yet, guess I'm afraid to realize how much I've actually got, but it's...
  7. darklocke

    F&F haul made me sad..

    I'm just sad.. I finally got my F&F sale haul today (I have to use a redirecting service to get my hands on goodies from MAC, unless I have a CP), and in the box there lay the #209 and the #266. Both brushes had been bent in transport, and I have no clue to how to fix them! Of course I'm happy...
  8. darklocke

    Help me find a e/s highlighting color for NC37?

    Can someone point me in the right direction of a good highlighting color for browbone and corner of the eye? Vanilla is not my color, looks strange on my skin, and I don't really know what other color to try out. I'm something in between NC30-NC37 (Studio Sculpt), and I need a highlight close to...
  9. darklocke

    Regarding MAC Pigments, fake vs. real

    I went through all my pigments from MAC, trying to spot potential fakes, and see if I could find any differences. I've read lots and lots of guidelines out there regarding this problem, and one of the supposed tell-tales is when the country of manufacturer on the box differ from the one on the...
  10. darklocke

    Green with Envy

    Incredible enough this is my very first green look, I know it's crazy. I've got brown eyes, so one should think that green would be a natural color to reach for - but as I said, this was my first time. Look, I even cut the crease! Products used: UDDP (primer) MAC Lucky Green (lid) MAC Humid...
  11. darklocke

    MAC Haul in June

    I feel happy! Kelly (refill), Hepcat (refill), Print (refill), Silverthorn, Shale, Graphology, Bold & Brazen, Bright Future and Night Maneuvers eyeshadows - Circa Plum, Teal and White Gold pigments - House Wine (refill), Blushbaby (refill), Eversun and On A Mission blush - Solar Riche...
  12. darklocke

    Eye Kohl

    I've got a Fascinating Eye Kohl in my hands, with the batch code AC7 (first run, December 2007). It's made in Italy, and it's marked with a weight of "1.36g or 0.048 US OZ". This differs from what MAC states on their website that claims that the eye kohls are 1.45g and 0.05 oz. Did MAC change...
  13. darklocke

    What brush with Paint Pots?

    I'm sure some of you are like me, reluctant to use your fingers in your Paint Pots? I tend to have medium to long nails, and I absolutely hate getting product under my nails - and I altogether prefer to use a brush in my cosmetics. I hope I'm not alone on this, because I'd like to know what kind...
  14. darklocke

    MAC Emote

    Can someone tip me on how they would use MAC Emote? I've seen several people using it for contouring/lowlight, but I've always heard of it as a blush. I'm a NC35 or so, and very interested in tips!
  15. darklocke

    MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

    I don't have any experience with the Mineralize Skinfinish at all, but I'd like to get one or two of them. I think I'm a NC35 (or at least around there), and I'm wondering if there's some MSF that are more suitable for my skin tone than others. If yes, which one(s) should I look for?
  16. darklocke

    Suitable lip liners/pencils?

    I've got the following l/s, and I wondering if anyone would point me in the right direction to which lip pencils or liners I should get? MAC Peachstock MAC Cream Team Cremesheen Lavender Whip MAC FAFI Strawbaby MAC Hello Kitty Fresh Brew MAC Hello Kitty Most Popular Thanks!
  17. darklocke

    Counterfeit Paint Pots

    I'm just wondering if anyone know whether or not MAC Paint Pots are being faked? I'm wanting a couple more in addition to my Painterly and Blackground, but I want to be a little cautious getting them on eBay (like the LE/DC ones) when I don't if there are counterfeits out there.
  18. darklocke

    Lifespan of Paint Pots

    Does anyone have an opinion on how long one can keep a MAC Paint Pot? I mean, I have two of them, and I want some of the other colors, but it'd be a waste of money if I'd have to throw them away in.. 6 months anyway. Do they "live forever" if they're well taken care of?
  19. darklocke

    Hello from Norway

    Hello people, My name is Shamini, and I'm a 29 year old female from Norway. I found your forum while I was looking for MAC swatches, and I found quite a lot of useful information here, so I stuck around. My newly discovered favorite makeup brand is MAC, and I think I have fallen in love! So...