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  1. mizuki~

    Post-Workout Protein?

    So I've been trying to lose weight and get toned (not ripped!) lately and I'm not quite sure what to do after work-outs. I want to burn fat, not muscle and I've heard you need protein or protein shakes after working out do so. Anybody have any good information or tips on what to do post-workout...
  2. mizuki~

    Oily skin + cream blush?

    Hey all. I have pretty oily skin and so I've only ever stuck with powder blushes. I love the natural glowy look of cream blushes but will it last on oily skin? Any body have any product recommendations? Or even shades? (NC20/25) TIA
  3. mizuki~

    Retailers selling used panties

    Retailers Are Selling Used Panties!!! | This is beyond disgusting..I'm so glad I'm a huge germaphobe and always wash things before ever wearing them. ICKK!
  4. mizuki~

    amusement parks + makeup?

    Do you guys wear a full face of makeup when you guys go to amusement parks knowing you're going to get soaked and sweaty? I normally go bare faced because I don't want to end up looking like a MESS with my makeup running....but I looked at my Disneyland pics from last year and it was eww lol...
  5. mizuki~

    Drugstore Bronzer?

    So I'm looking into bronzers for the first time and don't feel like dishing out big money for something I'm not sure if I like.. Does anybody have a rec for a good drugstore bronzer that doesn't give the oompa loompa effect? I'm NC25 for ref. TIA!
  6. mizuki~

    UD Bronzers

    I was at a Urban Decay counter yesterday and I saw these baked bronzers that reminded me of MSFs..they were so cute! Now, has anyone tried these? What are your thoughts on it?
  7. mizuki~

    What to do with Pearl/Luna CCB?

    My cousin got me a CCB in either Pearl or Luna (not sure as I haven't received it yet) and I have no idea what I can use it for. I have very oily skin and lids so I doubt it'll be a good base for me.. what do you guys use it for? Any recs?
  8. mizuki~

    Green Corrector/Concealer

    Anybody have recs for a green concealer/corrector for covering up redness on the face? Any brand and price is fine. Something that actually works please
  9. mizuki~

    Sigma Brushes

    So I just saw the review EnKore did on Sigma Brushes and they seem interesting..These brushes are supposedly comparable to MAC and they also have the same numbering as MAC (ex SS187 is a stippler, SS182 is a buffer). YouTube - Sigma Brushes: MAC Comparables Initial Review YouTube - Sigma...
  10. mizuki~

    drugstore moisturizers

    I just ran out of my moisturizer from MAC and I really don't feel like spending so much money for something that wasn't that great. I'm sure drugstore brands carry great moisturizers for a good price. What moisturizers from drug stores have you tried and loved? And what's your skin type
  11. mizuki~

    Shoes too big?

    I recently bought a pair of Steve Madden pumps that are a size too big and I cannot possibly walk in them without falling. I already ripped off the tag/stickers so I can't return them. Do you guys know if there's anything I can do or buy so that I can still wear them? Like something to put on...
  12. mizuki~

    Bath Products please

    Ever since I got addicted to LUSH, I've been taking baths like crazy with bath bombs, bubble bars, & all that good stuff . I am poor as hell right now so I can't afford the $7 a bath that I love. Do you guys have any recs on awesome inexpensive bath products? Bubbles, gels, salts, bombs...
  13. mizuki~

    tiny napa haul

    I went to Napa yesterday since it was such a beautiful day and me & my BF love driving out of the city on days like that. Hit up the CCO & Walmart there. (Wish there were Walmarts in My tiny CCO MAC haul: Fafi Eyes 1 Heatherette Trio 1 3N lipstick Perky p/p Fix+ BTW I didn't know...
  14. mizuki~

    Bent Liner Brush

    I just bought a Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush last night and tried it. I totally loved it! I think everyone who uses gel liners should give it a try. I always thought bent liner brushes were fugly and since I already had a MAC 209, I didn't need it. But now that I got it, I don't think I will...
  15. mizuki~

    MAC Fragrances

    What do you guys think about the fragrances? Which ones are your favorite? Last night, I got a whiff of the pink one and it smells pretty good and seems to last a while. Just wondering how you guys like these.
  16. mizuki~

    No more buying until I'm 40

    This is my October haul. I am broke broke broke to the max! Yeah and I don't know why but I ALWAYS want LE things after half a year it's been sold out haha Ok moving on... Misc: 120 palette (x2) Boots Powder brush Boots Blush brush Sleeping Beauty DVD MAC : Barbie Peal Blossom BP Barbie...
  17. mizuki~

    gloss for Myth l/s

    I just bought Myth lipstick and it looks really weird by itself and I have FULL lips so it looks even weirder. What's a good lipgloss to put on top of Myth to make it look less..blah? I don't know how to explain it haha I just want to make Myth work for me *for reference, I'm an NC25 with...
  18. mizuki~

    Halloween costume

    What do you guys plan to be for Halloween this year? I'm stuck. I have no idea what I want to be this year! Any costume ideas? Something I can make..I hate buying those cheapie costumes because it sucks to bump into a billion other people with the same costume on.
  19. mizuki~

    How many foundations do you own?

    Just out of curiosity, I'd just like to know how many foundations, tinted moisturizers and/or concealers do you guys own because I know everybody's always looking for their perfect HG foundation etc.. I know I seem to never be completely satisfied with what I have and thinking there's probably...
  20. mizuki~

    MAC Freebies

    I was reading this lovely lady's blog one day and she said she gotten freebies at MAC! Unfortunately I've never gotten anything or even heard of anything like that ever happen. Have you guys ever been lucky enough to get free stuff?