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  1. Jacq-i

    Fergie - Glamorous (Viva Glam Remix)

    Fergie's Glamorous Viva Glam Remix is on this Russian Fergie fansite. The mp3 is right here.
  2. Jacq-i

    *Pink + Nuetrals* - my first fotd

    I've been on Specktra for over a year and I've never posted a FOTD before! So... Here we go. ^_^ Face: -Select Cover-UP NW25 -Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium -Dollymix Blush -Don't Be Shy Blush -Too Faced: California in a Compact -Too Faced: Snow Bunny Eyes: -Bare Study Paint Pot...
  3. Jacq-i

    McQueen!! *pictures*

    I got everything except Pharaoh + Electro Sky... I also bought some other random stuff that I didn't pictures of, haha. I forgot to take pictures of my Kohlpower.
  4. Jacq-i

    Fake Barbie Loves MAC!

    If you search "SET LOT OF 3 BARBIE LOVES MAC POWDER BLUSH NIB" you'll see a seller selling three separate lots of fake Barbie Loves MAC products. Two people have already bid.
  5. Jacq-i

    MAC - Nudes and Shapers Swatches

    Pale NC27 Lip Eraser next to Fushia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner.
  6. Jacq-i Haul... Gone Crazy!

    I "needed" some things that my local MAC Store has been out of (blush, natural msf, etc...) and then I wanted to "complete" my Danse collection. Then, I realized I forgot to get anything from C Shock... Finally, I had to get Clair de Lune eyeshadow and Cloudburst (from Pandamonium) because of...
  7. Jacq-i

    Blue Lipglass...

    I love looking at everyone's MAC collections in The Traincase, and I noticed some people have blue lipglass. Since the green lipglass Stringbean is so pretty, I figured blue might be pretty too! I'm trying to figure out which colors theses are, and what collections they are from. So far I know...
  8. Jacq-i

    Refilling Lipstick

    Weird question, but... Is there a way to refill MAC lipstick? I love special packaging lipsticks, and was hoping there is a way to continue to use them, once they're finished. Thanks.
  9. Jacq-i

    What fits in a MAC 15 Pallette?

    What fits in a MAC 15 Pallette? I've seen some MAC pallettes with Milani and Urban Decay eye shadows... I was just wondering if anyone knows if any other brands fit in there too. I'd like to get some MAC pallettes to organize my MAC eye shadow, but I figured I might as well sort through my...