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  1. Margaret1994

    Forehead Wrinkles UGGHHHHHHH

    I can recommend you to try Juvederm. My mum have used it 1 year ago and it really hepls her to restore facial contours and improve signs of aging. But there are a lot of fake drugs. It's very important to use original one.I also find one useful article about juvederm. Also you must consult with...
  2. Margaret1994

    What's For Dinner?

    Pasta with mussels
  3. Margaret1994

    Never use makeup before

    For me, yes. You are the face of company, and you must show your clients how they can use it to be beautiful.
  4. Margaret1994

    Natasha Denona Discussion

    Oh, thank u so much.
  5. Margaret1994

    Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks!

    Wooow...Thank u so much.
  6. Margaret1994

    Which Brand of makeup brushes do you use?

    The best for me is Bestope, but it`s currently unvailable on Amazon:(
  7. Margaret1994

    Victoria Beckham Beauty

    Wooow..., sounds amazing. I will order something from eyeshadow collection.
  8. Margaret1994

    Iconic makeup products of the 2010s

    To be fair, the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots are the only item on this list that I cannot confirm the launch date. However, it was 2012 when I remember everyone raving about how amazing the MAC Paint Pots were for priming the eyelids.