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  1. toby1

    Aire De Blu vs. Azreal Blue

    Well I received my jar of Aire De Blu yesterday and I know there was speculation that it looked identical to Azreal Blue. Well I did a side by side swatch and there are definte differences. Azreal Blue has a green gold undertone whereas Aire De Blu is a clear pastel blue with silver reflects...
  2. toby1

    Oh No Looks like more fake pigments

    Here's another seller
  3. toby1

    Pinched CCB anyone ever heard of this product?

    I just purchased this on Ebay and wondering if anyone has ever heard of it..TIA
  4. toby1

    Is IconIII Thunder Eyes the next Liza PM quad?

    That quad seems to be increasing in value, at least on Ebay. What other items are destined to be the next Parrot?
  5. toby1

    While visiting my local MAC counter...

    I noticed that a certain Specktranetter, who's also a MAC MA, received a special acknowledgement in the counter's newletter. So if HE wants to step forward and take a bow <applause, applause>
  6. toby1

    Any Rec for a good Flat Iron w/Comb Attachment?

    I'm looking for a good flat iron I would prefer one with a comb attachment I have medium length curly curly hair(Am. Indian, Hispanic, & AF American). My hair also tends to frizz and tangle easily. Thanks
  7. toby1

    Bourbon and A Rose Any thoughts?

    No one has mentioned these 2 lippies from The Caterine D Icon collection any rants/raves?
  8. toby1

    Any shades similiar to Tabby & Zinc Bar

    These are the only shades that interest me or that I don't already have from that palette are there any other shades which are similiar ...and not Lustres?