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  1. indybrat

    Best way to apply MUFE HD?

    I just got my samples of MUFE HD. I tried it out this morning using the same routine I use for Studio Sculpt - shower, moisturise, breakfast, Prep & Prime, dot some foundation on the different areas of my face and blend with 168 brush. However, I found it a bit difficult to blend the MUFE, it...
  2. indybrat

    Style Black questions and thoughts

    I've been making a list of things I want from Style Black. I have the US prices but was wondering if anyone has some general idea about what sort of prices we will be slugged? I'm assuming the lipstick and mattene will be ~$30 - $38, based on current lipstick prices and that things like the...
  3. indybrat

    Euristocrats 2 is online

    Heads up folks - Euristocrats 2 is now available at I think the only thing I might want is London Life. So of course it becomes available the day after I get my online order. If I'd waited I would have included it in this order. I will try the store/counter when I'm out...
  4. indybrat

    lighted mirrors available in Australia

    I've just started trying to find lighted make up mirrors but I'm finding a lack of choices in Australia. I really want one with the multiple lighting settings but the only one I've been able to find does not have it. I've seen the same one in Harvey Norman, Good Guys and the Shaver Shop...