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  1. princess_jenilee

    Face & body in nighttime photoshoot?

    MAC Face & body and sheer loose powder in nighttime photo shoot? Is this a good idea with the flash on a dark toned model (N7-N9)? We did a run through and she looked gorgeous in person but i'm not sure on camera. I know when I photograph myself w/f&b (C4) it looks good. Or should I just go...
  2. princess_jenilee

    best foundation for MOVIE/FILM makeup?!

    I am working on an independent film and I was wondering what ya'll thought of as the best foundation on camera......Does it apply the same for in real life face-to-face? Like for each person's skin type etc...So far i'm going to use studio matte finish, hyper real or studio fix( depending on...
  3. princess_jenilee

    Spell out your name with MAC e/s!!!

    My boyfriend and i were REALLY REALLY bored and we started spelling out our names with my turned out kinda cool! Post yours up too!! It doesn't have to be all MAC! and my boyfriends name: I...
  4. princess_jenilee

    MELTING Lipsticks??!

    I met this MUA who told me how to preserve my lipsticks but slicing them in half and melting them. After melting them she would place them into a lip palette and then into the freezer until she needs it. I bought a lip palette months ago and still haven't used it. Has anyone else tried this...