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  1. mezzamy

    How to fill in your brows - Making them look 'natural'

    ok folks, so i havent done a tutorial in a while. Brows are a big thing for me (ever since i saw photos of myself in high school where i had overplucked them to oblivion), and whilst i know i dont have the greatest brows in the world, I thought this tutorial would be helpful for people who want...
  2. mezzamy

    MAC - Tendertones 08 Discussion

    thought it was time for a tendertones thread as there are new shades coming out in may! i received 2 new shades today - Hot 'n' Saucy and Tread Gently. ive posted lots (and lots) of pictures in the swatch thread, which can be found here:
  3. mezzamy

    MAC - Tendertones - May 08

    ETA: the colour of these on the lips are VERY difficult to capture on photo. flash has a habit of washing colours out and given that tendertones dont have loads of pigment to start off with, they do tend to look similar on the lips in these photos. they are more pigmented IRL however they are...
  4. mezzamy

    Pigment Swatches

    So i finally got the time (and hold of a camera) to do some pigment swatches! This took me a long time to do so if you use these images, please credit me!
  5. mezzamy

    Last Few Months Haul - Part Two!

    Part Two (Part One can be found here ) of stuff i've collected from the last few months! Lightscapade MSF Glissade MSF Warm Pigment Set Subtle Pigment Pastorale Pigment Terra Del Sol 'Pleasureflush' Dupe Aquamelon TLC...
  6. mezzamy

    Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey there, this is my first tutorial! I'm aware that many of you already know how to do this as there's many pigment pressing tuts, but I was bored and this kept me entertained. I originally posted this here: What You Will Need (NOT...
  7. mezzamy

    Last Few Months Haul - Lotsa Pics!

    I've been slowly gathering stuff over the last few months from ebay and ordering from the US because it's cheaper (i'm in australia!) click for full sizes! Luella TLC in Trot On Strobe Cream and Stila Illuminating Finish Powder in Gold Stila Illuminating Finish Powder in Gold Stila Pink...
  8. mezzamy

    Jewelescent Dark Soul vs. Dark Soul

    Hi there, I was just wondering whether the Dark Soul Pigment that's coming out with the Jewelescent Collection is different to the old Dark Soul? In the Jewelescent Color Stories thread, it describes Dark Soul as: Dark Soul - Charcoal black smoked with gold But on the MAC website, it...
  9. mezzamy

    Help with my Jewel 6 Lips Palette Case

    i adore this case so much (my initials are also MAC, so the diamante incrusted case looks even more amazing!) and i have used up all the lip products in side. i was wondering if it was possible to remove the black tray which held the lipsticks/glosses so I could re-use the case for other stuff...