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  1. Simi

    How to apply makeup [Video, Link]

    Hi guys , I found that website from internet. I think is very helpful. It has all video from foundation to lipstick. Check out..........
  2. Simi

    Markup magic Before & After Pic***

  3. Simi

    how to remove duo glue from eye lid??

    Hello guys, I need help to remove glue after using falsie eyelashes from the eye lid and my eyelashes. I am still learning how to apply eyelashes and getting success but I've very hard time to remove glue from eye lid and lashes. I know i should use only strip a thin line on lashes but you...
  4. Simi

    Purple eye makeup tutorial, found on youtube [video, link]

    Hi, I found that VIDEO on internet. I think it's very useful for those people who are learning eye makeup and question about blending etc. What you guys think? Is it really helpful? I am sorry i don't know how to put Video on the page so i am inserting link...
  5. Simi

    Please help, How to apply lower eyelashes?

    Hello Everyone, I never used eyelashes before in my life. Since I've started learning about makeup. I want to know also about eyelashes how to apply them. I found a lots of websites for eyelashes but unable to find out about bottom/Lower eyelashes how to apply them. I tried last night at home...
  6. Simi

    Sister Wedding Pic and me........

    I went to Pakistan to attand my sister wedding. Here are some pictures i wanted to share. Those are also my first time pictures on Specktra. Her wedding day. After Wedding day reception. Me Simi
  7. Simi

    How to use Pigment......

    I don't have idea how to use pigment for eyeshadow . Please help me. I've to attend wedding and didn't have time to go mac counter. Thanks in advance
  8. Simi

    ***From straight to spiral curl*** [link]

    Hello (1)Here is new website with pictures to show you, how to use straight iron to get spiral curl. If you want to know more about it you have to click on Techinques to find out more tips for different types curl. link (2) I found that video from google. Check out********...
  9. Simi

    Hairstyles with steps (Link)

    I found that website from internet to make different hairstyles video. Enjoy link link link
  10. Simi

    step by step glamour look makeup [link] - Eyes

    Hello everybody Today i am posting first time tutorial on that website. That is not my picture. I found that tutorial on internet. I liked it. I thought to share with all of you. Ok before I posted pictures but it wasn't with instrucations. I deleted those images and add link of that...
  11. Simi

    One more question regarding Post tutorial

    Hi everone, I got respond from Mcvirgin. She helped me . I fallowed her link instructions and were able to add images one by one but still i couldn't figure out for multiple images in one time with insturctions like other people are posting tutorial. I really want to learn how to post...
  12. Simi

    Help for Posting tutorial to website

    I am new member of that website. I really wanted to add tutorial but i don't know how to do . I tried to find how to put new post but i couldn't figure out Please me and give me information about it. It would be appreciated.