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  1. Macnarsandlove

    suing your ex/current employer... anyone ever?

    Ok well heres the story I got a crappy job cause I really needed one. Make a long story short I toke one with horrible pay but a manager title that I figured after some time I could move on with. After being in there about a week I realized I was doing a lot of work, staying late, constantly...
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    I really have no clue how I came upon this lovely site but I have to share. I literally read every entry when I first found it. It reminds me of some past *ahem* experiences lol and is to funny. I love the pics and stories. Check it out and get some good laughs. I bang the worst dudes. (Sorry...
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    birthday fotd!!

    was taking pics with the fam and bday cake so here is what I "threw on" lol Havent posted since 2007 so its been a while. No up close close pics which sucks but heres what I used: face nx43 sff nars mountain loose powder to set prescriptives concealer in cool 4 nars ninotchka blush eyes left...
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    lavender whip dupe. so mad i missed it!!!

    Any brand lipstick or gloss dupe would be great. I keep seeing it and now it has grown on me. If u know any locations that still have it thats cool too. pm me!! TIA!
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    Economy & You!!

    Havent seen a thread devoted to just this topic so here it goes. I was just noticing that hello kitty is still up on the site. I was shocked cause I know Barbie almost sold out on the first day. Seeing the holiday collections go to 25% off was crazy too. I was on and noticed all the...
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    Wife Swap and Parenting Styles

    I have been home a lot lately and lifetime has old Wifeswap episodes on. I never really watched the show a lot. I watched the Fox version a few yrs ago and that was just entertainment cause they had $ involved and ppl would always screw each other over but anyway... I remember growing up and...
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    Drug Addiction

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    Your newest NARS Artist !!!

    Well ladies I would like to anounce I am a new NARS makeup artist!. I started in the "biz" in january as a Lancome BA and landed a job freelancing with Nars and in a month later I was offered a perm position at one of the stores I was at. If you go to this post...
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    dating: how to make sense of it all?

    I am newly (well its been a yr since my ex and I seperated) and I feel like crap. It seems like maybe I bad timing (summer for guys= man-whore time), my bad taste (which I know I have) or what? I just always get sad after I date a person for a while "not looking for a girlfriend". I am tired of...
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    Kat Von D MAkeup !!!!

    So i was on sephora's blog and this was the first thing that popped up: Beauty And The Blog: Sneak Peek: Kat Von D's New Sephora Line She collaborated w/ sephora for what looks like some of her signature red lipstick colors and an eyeshadow palette. I love her! Cant wait to buy it!
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    I Got It!!!

    So guess what ya'll….. I am the newest beauty advisor for LANCOME!! I had 4 interviews and my final on was with the regional vp and I nailed it. I guess all this beauty knowledge that I had floating around in my head paid off. I mentioned the new LUCI line, Gucci Westman, the mascara, and some...
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    Frustrations With MAC

    I have found several things frustrating about MAC here are some of mine and I would like to hear yours. Dont get me wrong I spend almost every penny of my "disposible income" on the stuff and I get a "funny feeling" when I get stuff I've been lemming over, BUT... Dont some things just make you...
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    Makeup Artist w/Bad Makeup!

    About a month ago I went to my local mac counter and I was shocked to see a ma there with horrible makeup. I know she was new but sheez. She had the obvious unblended white highlight (for more info see makeup crimes by woc thread). I really didn't feel like buying anything from her but so I went...
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    Flashtronic and Rushmetal for WoC

    Hi just wondering any of you ladies have swatched/ or bought any flashtronic or rushmetal? I can't get to the mall anytime soon to play with it so any advice especially concerning the msfs would be great. And how pretty of a blush would lovestone msf e/s be on a nc 40 and above? Anyway thanks. think
  16. Macnarsandlove stinks

    I ordered 3 different times from The first time I orederd it took 8 days to get to me and the pakaging was low budget. I have got better looking packages from ppl off ebay. Everything inside looked good so I ordered again twice in the same day. This was friday and I still have yet to...
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    Skin irritation from dirty brushes-HELP!!!

    I was on a mini vacation the other day and I was at a f/s strore. I really wahted to try the new msf foundation so I fiquired hey why not cause the makeup artist was really nice. She proceeded to apply it with the 190 on my face from her brush. I have NEVER had anyone put m/u on my face. I am...
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    My "I went crazy haul"

    I lost my mind last week and went crazy. From the CCO i got: -relaxing -blu noir -basic brush set I also managed to get so ceylon and petticoat for a total of $60!! And from moonbathe and tendertones I got: -purring tendertone -summer airbrush foundation -floral fantasy e/s -cosmic e/s...
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    ***violet fever ***

    I forgot how much I love purple. I am on a FOTD posting roll... ALL CLICKIES! Here is what I used in no order: shadowy lady,endless love, mancatcher, custom pressed pig (violet,viz-a-iolet,helium,and lily) mabelline matte mouse foundation in caramel msf in dark msf in porcelin pink philosophy...