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  1. natalis88


    I keep seeing the infomercial for this program. Has anyone tried it? How much is it really? Is it better than the gym and do you really eat that much food? I'm always afraid to try programs or diets that require me to eat more than the BMI calculators tell me to eat. For example, according to my...
  2. natalis88

    Friend Troubles

    Okay, I would like advice from all of you beautiful people ;-) My circle of friends consists of 8 girls. There is a 9th girl who hasn't been able to click with anyone else and the only two of us that speak to her are myself and another girl who is just as empathetic as I am. It...
  3. natalis88

    Nat here, I'm a newbie

    I just died and went to heaven! I love this forum, can't believe that I didn't find it sooner. Currently I am experimenting with mineral make-up and techniques. I'm happy to be on board, can't wait to explore all of the boards. Have a fab day ;-)