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  1. Honor

    187-look-a-like from Flirt

    Is this still availble? I had a look at and couldn't find it. And because I live in Germany, I have no chance to check out... Can somebody please help me?? Thanks Honor
  2. Honor

    Which brush for the MSFs??

    I have at the moment only Porcellain Pink, but I am waiting for Pleasureflush and Petticoat. I thought I can use a blush brush for this, but I read so much about the 187. Does this really make a difference?? And what is this difference exactly?? Thanks Honor
  3. Honor

    Studiofix for touch-ups??

    I have at the moment very oily skin and in the early afternoon the whole foundation is "swimming" away. I use MAC Blot Poder, but I need definitely a little touch-up in the afternoon. Do you think Studiofix would be ok for my skintype?? I don't want to remove all my MU and do everything new...
  4. Honor

    Would like to try pigments

    Hi, I would love to try one or two (or three...) pigments, but I am not sure about the possible colours. I am not the youngest (39) and at the moment I wear MU only at work. I can't go out because I have two very small children. Which colours would be nice for an "official" look?? Please...
  5. Honor

    Hello from Germany

    I am reading here for longer now and in future I will also post. Especially I love to swap (see my MUA Honor account ) Greetings to everybody! Honor
  6. Honor

    Tease me quad

    Hi, I just remove the Parisienne E/S from my Tease me-Quad and now I am thinking about another shade to put in. Any suggestions?? I thought Behold or Dovefeather might be lovely and I like the veluxe E/S Regards Honor
  7. Honor

    Hi everyone!

    Hello, I live in Germany and love to surf this site. I don't have sooo much MAC stuff, but it is one of my 3 favourite brands (beside BB and Armani) Greetings to everybody! Honor