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  1. dmenchi

    no more MAC for me....

    i was working for a short time for MAC..and i'm not sure to where to go from here... I was thinking i could work for sephora ,but i'm not sure that it's the right choice for me....anybody has any suggestions? and how can my training and work experience benefit me in my job hunt? and further...
  2. dmenchi

    MAc employees-HELP!

    Hi! i was wondering if every MAC employee gets a product manual or do you just use the one in the store? TIA!
  3. dmenchi

    help! retin-a or tazorac users!!!

    hi! i'm not sure if i can post this in this forum,but anyway.. please share your experiences with Retin-A or tazorac, please!!! and any info about 'buffering' / glycerin is verrrrrrry appreciated. Thank you, my lovely informative specktretts
  4. dmenchi


    OK, I THINK I WENT CRAZY- but i had a couple of gift cards for mac so i started collecting pigments...this picture has all the piggies i got in my last two hauls...i looove piggies now anyway i added for fun the pigment that started my love of pigments: burned burgundy & jewel marine glitter...
  5. dmenchi

    MSF used wet???

    hi! i was wondering can i use the MSF natural skinfinish with a sqirt of fix + to my brush to increase coverage? I don't like the liquid mineral foundation....
  6. dmenchi

    porcelain pink-is there a pigment dupe or anything similar?

    hi! i'm looking for something like a pigment that resembles porcelain pink msf? i'm not interested in laura geller or other solid powders. TIA!
  7. dmenchi

    my MaQueens, mattene, pro extension, matte2

    ok here is the list: piggies: electric coral polished ivory landscape gr deep brown black flatsac in nightcloud plushlash pencils: black karat jealous raven orpheus mystery feline All but one pro extension e/s pans all but three matte2 e/s pans 15pan palette 2x mattene: rougette clasic dame...
  8. dmenchi

    Mac Pro Haul * Pictures*nudes & Shapers

  9. dmenchi

    Black Honey vs. spice it up?

    Hi! i absolutley looove Clinique's black honey...But Now i have to find a similar shade by MAC as i have a gazillion B2M and don't know what to do with them and i always use BHoney. The closest shade i've found was Spice it up + angelwing l/g ...but i was wonderingif anybody has a better idea? TIA
  10. dmenchi

    I'm ging to cry ...nothing works for my lashes...

    I'm really going to cry now! I have a gazillion mascaras, curlers,primers..... but my lashes won't hold a leat not longer than 20 minutes and if i recurl after mascara application, some get damaged - OF course everybody knows THAT, but i don't know what to do....i'm about to spray...
  11. dmenchi

    this was not planned -but i'm poor now :( *PICS***

    sooo, i'm walking in just wanting to get my standard Ruby WOO and cherry lipliner , plus a free lippy ( i got flowerplay) and leave with a gazillion things. sorry , i really needed a few things!!! especially another 182 and lash curler for my on the go bag! oh also got gesso e/s but it's already...
  12. dmenchi

    VERY DEEP- I had a Nightmare-LOL

    OMG ladies, I woke up this morning due to a horrible dream. I was planning to shop at the MAC pro store in Orlando and as i entered the store, it was completly blAck turned into HOT TOPIC TYPE -STore and they had only on little display for MAC, no foundations nothing but a few eyeshadows...i...
  13. dmenchi

    MY little haul...MAC, Nordies & shoes PICTURe included!

    OK i got soo lucky Tampa's MAC store still had the amazon quad! other stuff i got: lychee lux l/g moisturecover zoom lash plum dressing black tied swish vapour 198 242 Nordies: sunblock sephora; udpp perfume SHOES!!! my other addiction... <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  14. dmenchi

    Strange HAUL...picture :)

    I got lucky and still got the pandamonium quad Minted & Hyacinth e/l electrolady e/l aqualine e/l moonflower e/s (boring) blush: fleurry & petalpoint (looove both ) 222 brush flowerplay l/s (best lippie ever , besides russian red)
  15. dmenchi

    april 26th haul....also b&bw and cute hairclips

    hah- took pics of my thursday haul- i love bath&'s soo cheap and i love to mix it with 'nice' fragrances to change it up a little. So officially this is my third blush palette and i have no clue what other blushes i'll get to fill it up... Everytime i get into my car from the...
  16. dmenchi

    my little haul from april 18th..ops sorry for the gigantic pic..

    hi! had another haul last thrusday from prostore . will add pics soon until then here is what i got two weeks ago
  17. dmenchi

    lash extensions-how are they attached?

    HI! do they use glue ? and how close to your natural lashes are they? Personal experiences?
  18. dmenchi

    How do you store your backups????

    i just read a thread where everybody was talking about how many back ups they get and if they get any... but my question is how do you store it? I store mine in my vanity, but i'm considering the freezer... It's only powder products, no lippies or other cream-based stuff....
  19. dmenchi

    my messy stash....

    i feel horrible but this is how my stash looks after a week of work and stress... i'll organize and clean it and update soon...until then : also how do i ever get my pictures clear??? it's a mess HeLP!
  20. dmenchi

    after the baby is born....?

    We are all aware of the physical issues of pregnant women, but what happens to your body after the baby is born? I was reading an article in Glamour /march07 about issues with bladder control, bigger feet, breast changes....and they were permanent! So maybe some of u ladies won't mind sharing...