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  1. kathyp

    Cantaloupe dupe, preferably drugstore

    Is there a good D/S dupe for cantaloupe blush? I've been using L'oreal's True Match blusher in Precious Peach, but it's a bit too light.
  2. kathyp

    Ulta Haul

    Anastasia Brow Duo in Strawburn I color my hair auburn and my brows are ashy brown. This warms them up nicely and lasts longer than plain old eyeshadow. Also, my most expensive purchase of the day. Nyx lipsticks in Doll, Paris and Pumpkin Pie I wish they had more Nyx stuff. Grabbed the last...
  3. kathyp

    Permanent color after semi/demi-perm

    I've been using Natural Instincts in Spiced Tea for the past few months. I liked it at first but the second time I colored it came out pretty dark. (And this is the lighter of the two bright reds.) My haircolor isn't bad, but it's pretty flat and dull, though it's almost a month and has toned...
  4. kathyp

    Hair color "swatches?"

    For those of us who color our own hair, could we have a thread with examples/results? Like how some people post color swatches noting skintones and whatnot, maybe we could do the same for hair?
  5. kathyp

    Which MAC shadows work as brow powders?

    I've used coquette as a brow powder in the past, but it's too grey/taupe to look right with my current haircolor (dark reddish brown).
  6. kathyp

    Highlighting red hair?

    I just colored my hair a level 5 reddish brown: (Sorry for the bad cell phone pic. The color's a bit darker, less golden, but this is close to accurate.) I don't hate it, but I wish it were more multi-dimensional. (I'm usually a Feria girl, but switched over to Excellence.) I've had...
  7. kathyp

    Melba or Peaches? (Or something else?)

    I'm a cool-toned NW15/N3 but can wear peaches and corals as long as they don't veer too far off into orange territory. Right now I'm looking at Melba and Peaches. I used to wear Cheek before it turned pro and I love Deep Throat from Nars (just not the sparkle). I'm *slightly" favoring Peaches (I...
  8. kathyp

    Does studio finish concealer run "light?"

    I've always used this in NW20, a shade darker than my foundation. (Tried the NW15 and it made my dark circles grayish.) I always assumed this was because the skin under my eyes is darker than the skin on the rest of my face, but looking at the NW20 concealer next to a bottle of select finish in...
  9. kathyp

    Recessionista mini-haul

    I've been trying to curb my credit card usage and pay for cosmetics with cash instead. It's forcing me to look for deals and "dupes" when I can, but I still managed to hit Macy's this week for a few things: Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW15 Little confession: I have no idea what my Mac shade...
  10. kathyp

    Makeup and mineral sunscreen

    I can't really tolerate chemical sunscreens, so under my makeup I've been wearing Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin (or Blue Lizard when I can find it). Problem is the blueish white cast it leaves on my skin. I skip liquid foundation in the summer, topping my sunscreen with powder instead. My usual...
  11. kathyp

    MAC's equivalent to Stila's Puck?

    One of my favorite eyeshadows, Puck, from Stila, was discontinued. It was sort of a sheer mauve-y, taupe-y color with the tiniest hint of shimmer. Is there a MAC shade that's pretty close that's not too flat/matte or loaded with shine?