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  1. Carmell

    My small collection keeps growing....

    I started in 2004. I just bought stuff from Nocturnelle and Formal Black but have not taken pictures yet. Once I do I will add them in. I love the quads and pallettes. Those are my favorites except that the Gem ones set off store alarms so I can't take them with me!!!! Ha ha ha!
  2. Carmell

    What can I wear with Paradisco?

    I am an NC20. Actually I have also been told I am an NW 20 too. But I know I am fair with brown hair and brown eyes. I bought Paradisco and I think it is so pretty. but it doesn't show up on me that well. But I really like. So what colors would look good with it? Any paints? I have...
  3. Carmell

    Goldenaire Pigment

    I was just at my Pro store and they had some left. Are these HTF? They also had some Lovely Lily left too. Is that one HTF too? Some edumaction is needed when it comes to the HTF stuff. Thanks!!!!