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  1. macslut

    Court Hearing Reveals New Details in Social Worker's Murder

    This happened in my area recently and I can't stop crying about it. This woman, the social worker, was just trying to help people and these bastards killed her. We had a murder in our area where the motive was jealousy. The murderer was jealous of the guy. What gives these motherfuckers...
  2. macslut

    I have officially seen everything (sex toy shopping network)

    Yes, it is 3:37am and I can't sleep. So I am sitting here with the tv on. I had tivoed the 80s classic 9 to 5. It ended and the station was tuned to the WE network. Well, it being 3:30am and everything....infomercials are on. But on WE, they have the sex toy shopping network. Complete...
  3. macslut

    The lust manager drama that will not end

    As some of you know from the "have you ever fantazied about someone other than your SO" thread that I quit my retail job and then told the male manager that I have lusted after that I wanted to suck and fuck him dry. :hump: So now that all are caught up to speed. I was in my old store tonight...
  4. macslut

    Why do people have to screw their kids up

    We had a shoplifter tonight. What set this one apart was the fact that she had her three kids with her. In fact, she was using them as a distraction. When they were caught one asked "Mommy does this mean we are going to jail". When asked what they thought their daddy would think when he found...
  5. macslut

    People, let's review OSHA

    I work at a major (starts with an M and ends in ACYS) department store. So tonight it happened. What people were joking with me about all along. Yes, I knew women could be disgusting. Someone urinated in the dressing room in the department (women's clothing) I was working in. :eek2: So we...
  6. macslut

    US woman translates feminist Koran

    Here is something for everyone to chew on for a bit. Closer to the bottom of the article, the critisms are listed. Hmmmmm... NEW YORK: A new English-language interpretation of the Muslim Holy book the Koran challenges the use of words that feminists say have been used to justify the abuse of...
  7. macslut

    Pennsylvania Family Charged with Treating Captive Woman as Their 'Slave'

    Another fucked up family alert! This is really sad but unfortunatly happens alot. I am so glad she got out.,2933,260229,00.htm GREENSBURG, Pa. — A couple and their three teenage children held a woman captive for six months, referring to her as their "slave"...
  8. macslut

    Coke, L'Oréal Partner For New “Beauty Beverage”

    Not sure wwhere this goes. It is a little weird so I put it in chatter. From Morning News Beat: BrandWeek reports that Coca-Cola and L'Oréal are working together to create a nutraceutical product described as a “beauty beverage” that will appeal to “active, influential, image-conscious...
  9. macslut

    I am now gainfully employed

    thing is...I wasn't looking for a job. I was buying a skirt. I wa pulled off the floor and asked if I wanted a job. Graduate school is job enough sometimes but it was an offer I could not pass up. Part time at Macys. I even get my discount on MAC I know I swore I would never ever go back to...
  10. macslut

    National Pancake Day: IHOP free pancakes

    As I was looking through the snopes site after checking out Shane's story I noticed a link about free pancakes on Feb 20th. Being a pancake lover...I clicked. Here is the link about free pancakes at IHOP:
  11. macslut

    MAC Sponsors Fashion Week London Feb 11-16

    From GCI: M.A.C Cosmetics announced that it will again be the official makeup sponsor of London Fashion Week, to be held February 11-16. The company stated that support of cutting edge fashion designers in the UK and London plays a vital role in its global fashion outreach. "Fashion is part...
  12. macslut

    Guerlain, Pucci Unite for One-Shot Collection

    This is an incredibly long article, so I am going to try to get some of the highlights out of it. Here is the link if you want to see the entire thing. Some of it is just not that interesting. But here is the scoop... Febuary 9, 2007 By...
  13. macslut

    Nars Fall 2007

    I figure all you Nars lovers out there would like a preview of a bit of what is to come this fall. Enjoy all you fab ones! From WWD Friday Feburary 8, 2007 Beauty Beat snippets: The sultry makeup look of smoky, through-the-veil eyes, soft cheeks and champagne-colored lips seen at the 3.1...
  14. macslut

    My migraine

    Today I am groggy and a little buzzed. I had to go to the ER and geta shot last night to get rid of a migraine. It was beginning to take the usual route and would respond to none of the usual painkillers. If my doctor would have been open I would have gone there. Anyway, I slept for close...
  15. macslut

    Commando lip glosses

    Has anyone else fallen in love with these. Both of the colors are awesome. I thought the rosy one was going to be too dark but it isn't. The dog tag is lavender and cute. It was a little bigger and heavier than I thought it was going to be. I can't wear it on my 5'2" frame but I put it on...
  16. macslut

    Sephora's new theme for Valentine's Day

    Well, judging from the nipple clamps displayed on the "pretty naughty" page, it seems to be S&M. I really don't know how that has anything to do with makeup. I have worked with victims of violence and have been a victim of violence myself and I have a huge problem with this theme. (And if you...
  17. macslut

    Another Lucker Bitten by the bug!

    Yep, I joined. This is one of the most informative boards I have seen so I knew I had to join the fun.