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  1. Glamgirlie

    Help...What to wear?

    I'm going to see bullet for my valentine in concert tomorrow but we're going out for drinks afterwards. I dont know what to wear coz im not really a metal/rock chick at heart, just enjoy their music, so dont want to look out of place?!? I know it seems trivial but would be glad to have some...
  2. Glamgirlie

    Love Songs?

    Need some urgent help. Can anyone name some good love songs? Also any metal loves songs would be great! Thanks
  3. Glamgirlie

    Ideas please? (I'm a little sad)

    My boyfriend has got to go away for a month, with work. He leaves two weeks today, he gets to go to the maldives lucky so and so. Anyway i need some ideas on something special we can do before he goes. Bearing in mind they cant be too expensive as i have to buy him his birthday present earlier...
  4. Glamgirlie

    Help....i need suggestions.

    Ok so its my birthday next month and i'll be 20 so i really want a new look for when i 'turn' into an adult. Can anyone give me suggestions on a new style i could try or colour, please Heres a photo of me now: Dont ask about the bunny...
  5. Glamgirlie

    Fluidlines vs liquid liners?

    Ok sorry if i've posted this in the wrong place and im going to sound so stupid now but... Does fluid line last longer than liquid eyeliner or is it just the same thing? Sorry im pretty new to MAC products and thought i'd ask before i bought some.
  6. Glamgirlie

    What do you think of..

    The hair cut Jordan (katie price) has on the front cover of OK magazine?
  7. Glamgirlie

    Where do you all buy...

    ...your make-up cases, i mean the metal ones?