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  1. makeupmadb

    My MAC collection so far (just under 3 months)

    will update soon
  2. makeupmadb

    Mac Pro Brush Set?!

    Hi everyone, so I thought I'd finally post about these. I've seen LOADS of these brush sets on such as - Mac Brushes Pro Make Up Set 15Pieces + Case on eBay, also, Brushes Applicators, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty (end time 04-May-08 22:08:07 BST) I haven't seen anything posted...
  3. makeupmadb

    First Haul! (Heatherette and more)

    I'm new to MAC and Specktra, and I've only been to a MAC store once a couple of weeks ago (believe me, I can't wait to go back) and then on Tuesday I ordered a couple of things online. So instead of a collection I thought I'd just show it as a haul I know it's teeny so far, and I'd really...
  4. makeupmadb

    New :)

    Hi everyone! I decided to join after hearing alot about this forum on Youtube. My name's Brady and I'm in the UK. I'm a new-found MAC addict LOL. I know this sounds crazy, but MAC cosmetics is my homepage. I went to a MAC store a couple of weeks ago after saving together birthday money, so...