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  1. christinakate

    Shawl Coat ( Or Cloak Coat ? )

    So, I've been searching for a shawl (WITH HOOD ) coat everywhere ! I finally found one at Le Chateau, its 300 bucks and a charcoal grey. If it was black it would've been immediately in my hands, the price is a little steep for me aswell. Im looking at around 240. I've searched all over the...
  2. christinakate

    What to wear handing out Resumes ?!

    Alright so, looking for a new job. Starbucks part-time was driving me insane. So im looking for something in retail, but how should I dress ? Just handing out Resumes, all im getting from websites and such is " DRESS PANTS, DRESS SUIT " Alright, i get thats appropriate but for the more teenage...
  3. christinakate

    Sexified Paul Stanley - KISS anyone ?

    Some pretty random inspiration eh ? Unfortunatly the camera i was using blew, and i couldnt get decent photo's of this, but i can promise it looked better in person. Ill redo at somepoint with my better camera. But for now, here it is. FACE Maybelline Mineral Power MAC Select Moisturecover...
  4. christinakate

    Traincase Carry-On ?!

    So i'll be travelling to Vancouver at the end of the month. Ive travelled many time's but ive never had to carry my entire traincase with me ( Im seeing family / i have a few freelance job's to do there too. ) Anyways, the traincase is a regular size, and im wondering if im actually allowed to...