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  1. Nzsallyb

    face and body shade advice

    hey dolls! id like your advice! im NC15 in studio fix and the mineralised compact, but i really love the finish of face and body foundation. ive been matched to C2, but that is now waaaaaaaaay to orange for me, just wondering what you guys think? im actually quite neutral in foundation...
  2. Nzsallyb

    Nars monster in the making!

    hello everyone dont normally stick my head in here because nars isnt in NZ UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i turned up at the department store to part with some cash at the mac counter, low and behold, there was nars!! wow their makeup is soooo nice, but...
  3. Nzsallyb

    what to wear with cyber lipstick?

    Hi everyone! i have an inkling to wear cyber lipstick tomorrow night, and wondering what eyeshadow style recs you think would go with it? i am not afraid of being out there, love the vampy look and i am an NC15 thanks everyone!
  4. Nzsallyb

    polished ivory or white gold pigment?

    hi everyone as a multi purpose pigment, should i go for white gold or polished ivory pigment? i would use it as a highlight for the face, im NC15. have looked at swatch list, but cannot decide. they are in the old jars too thanks!
  5. Nzsallyb

    Funny things that our SO do

    Hey everyone i thought i would start a thread that we could all share with eachother that our significant others (SO) do! so we could all have a giggle and chuckle one of the things that mine does is constantly put on his undies inside out, and back to front (dont ask me how he does that)...
  6. Nzsallyb

    Word-of-mouth MES dupes anyone?

    hey everyone? i was just wondering if anyone here has found a dupe for the highlight in the word-of-mouth MES trio? it is mg HG highlight, and mines nearly all gone i dont mind if its in another MES trio/duo TIA!
  7. Nzsallyb

    WOC, please help me out!

    hello WOC! i know that this isnt in the right spot, but i wanted all of your attention. i am currently doing an assignment for one of my papers in my degree, and it involves cultural differences and some questions on the health care. i am looking for african, or african american women to...
  8. Nzsallyb

    help at applying brunette MSF

    Hello everyone! i have brunette MSF, and i am having real trouble getting the application just right. i am a NC15, so the colour is super pigmented on me, jst wanting advice on what brush to use with it? Thanks!
  9. Nzsallyb

    need advice on relationship (explicit, so may not be suitable for younger ones)

    hi everyone, i have come down this neck of the woods in desperate need of advice. this has been carrying on for a few miserable weeks. background: my bf is into his modified car, and a few weekends ago, a young chick rear ended him, and didnt pull over, so he chased her until she pulled over and...
  10. Nzsallyb

    MAC hyperreal?

    hi everyone i was just wondering what shades of hyperreal are being discontinued - my shade is NC100 - i dont wana start loving something that will go! TIA!
  11. Nzsallyb

    Hello from NZ!

    hi everyone! I am a long time MAC addict - but found this forum from the purse forum. My name is sally and im a NZer - excitedly waiting for my heatherette to arrive!