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  1. missah

    NEED HELP! Which Lipstick+Mascara should I get?

    I've decided to get a HE lipstick now that I do have the money and I'm stuck on which one to get><" My top choice at the moment is YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ #1 Nude beige. However, most women have said that it has terrible lasting power and it is quite expensive so I dont know if I should look for...
  2. missah

    MOST of my May-July haul! *PIC HEAVY!*

    OMGSH. Today was one of the best days EVER! My LATE package just arrived! It was Stuck at San Lorenzo PO for 2 weeks! I finally got most of it><" I have another 2 boxes that need to be sent still though. The total for my haul is around... 2 Grand? I think. I didn't really calculate! I spent all...
  3. missah

    Fake MAC on Facebook.

    I've seen so many threads on here about Fake MAC sellers on EBAY but there are also sellers on Facebook that sell fake products. I know of one that sells them fake and tells the customers about it but the amount of fake products the seller could get her hands on was incredible. I think there...
  4. missah

    Tarte for True Blood

    Tarte released a collection called Tarte for True Blood. Its Limited edition and is only available to Beauty Insiders only members. There are 3 products: 1. Tarte for True Blood2122 Limited-Edition Palette $52 What it is: Inspired by the hit HBOae series True Blood2122, Tarte's...
  5. missah


    Hey:) I'm stuck in a dilema. I don't which MSFS to buy. - Soft and Gentle - So Ceylon - Warmed - Glissade - Light Flush - Perfect Topping - New Vegas I'm getting Petticoat, Shooting star and Stereo Rose. Should I get any of the ones mentioned before...
  6. missah

    Melbourne, Australia=D

    Is anybody here from melbourne Aus?
  7. missah


    I'm new to makeup atm, I only have the bare minimum, eyeliner and some eyeshadow atm but I've ordered a $800 haul from the US including shipping and soon will have more n/p and m/u! I don't use MAC much due to the cost in Aus but I've ordered the Viva Glam V lipstick and I'm looking forward to...