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  1. Jessica

    First FOTD I've done in AGES :)

    Okay, we all know that posting a FOTD can be a bit nerve-wracking...but here goes :) I thought I would share a neutral day look that I did today. Face: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural--Medium Eyes: MAC Henna on lids MAC Carbonized as liner and in crease MAC Sweetjoy under...
  2. Jessica

    Cute baby pics!

    We all love our babies and it would be great to share our little ones--pet babies included!!!
  3. Jessica

    Sunscreen use—for prevention of skin cancer or for reducing the effects of skin aging?

    Sunscreen use—for prevention of skin cancer or for reducing the effects of skin aging? So, why are we really using sunscreen—for cancer prevention or for decreasing the effects of aging? Well, likely the answer is a little bit of both. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin...
  4. Jessica

    Health Topics--What would you like to know more about?

    I thought that I would venture to see what you all are interested in learning more about--or perhaps you have questions about something health related, but didn't know who to ask. My name is Jessica, I'm an MSN, RN--which means I have my Masters in Nursing. I am happy to provide information to...
  5. Jessica

    Back from a LONG Hiatus :)

    Well, it's been a little over 2 years since I have actively posted here @ Specktra. A lot has happened during that time, like anyone really cares, but I figure I'd share anyway.....I may as well amuse myself. Let's see....I graduated nursing school and began my new career. WOW, what a ride it...
  6. Jessica

    Connie Chung singing.....oh dear!!! Why did her agent let her do this?!?!?! Surely she must be drunk or strung out on something***aacckkk!!!*** BTW, my absolute favorite part is when she's grunting as she's trying to hoist herself off of the piano.
  7. Jessica

    What's your exercise routine?

    How do you mix cardio and weight training? What's your routine? Do you add in a little salsa or swing dancing to the mix? I would love to hear some of your ideas to make exercising fun and interesting. Do you have any exercise tips that have worked out well for you?
  8. Jessica

    MAC Lure Mail-out

    OK! I just got the most wonderful and awesome surprise in the mail form MAC today On rare occasion I get mailings from them and boy was this time a winner! It was a promo for Lure and as you unfold it it becomes a mini poster of the Salsabelle-esque full-length photo. Yiiiiippppeeee!!!! I...
  9. Jessica

    I did it!!! 3 days post breast augmentation

    Hey ladies! and gents I've been a little consumed for the past couple of months researching, preparing, saving and obsessing about my breast augmentation. Yes, I finally did it and at 3 days post-op I am really pleased with the results . Right now, they are really high, tight and boxy...
  10. Jessica

    Going to the Chapel and we're gonna get married

    Congratulations Ian and Janice!!!! The wedding bells are ringing! Mark your calenders. Janice and Ian are tying the knot on Halloween @ 1:30. When Janice told me that they were considering getting married on Halloween, I never thought that it would be Halloween THIS YEAR!!! But yes, I...
  11. Jessica

    My dearest Trent,

    Oh how I love thee. Yes, it's true...I am married and you have never met me, but I'm sure......... blah, blah, blah Hmmm, he was so yummy last night @ the show. For those of you wondering, I'm speaking of the one and only Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). He hit the high spots on all of the...
  12. Jessica

    Guess What Ladies....and Gents............

    I just accepted a position as an Aesthetic Nurse at a MedSpa that is opening soon Yiiiippppeeee!!!!!!! Everyone keeps asking me "What the heck is an aesthetic nurse?" Well....I'll be administering Botox, Restalyn, and Mesotherapy. Along with doing patient teaching and staff inservices. I...
  13. Jessica

    Rant of the day

    OK, so I hate to clean. So as a treat to myself and my family I hired a cleaning service to come to the house every other week. Well, last monday was the 2nd time that they had come to the house and of course it was beautiful. Except for when I went to take a shower, the faucet was broken...
  14. Jessica

    Anyone, other than myself, interested in breast augmentation?

    For those of us who are not 34DD I have been seriously considering a BA for the past 4 years, and now it's almost here!! Yiiipppeee!!! I'm 130lbs, 5'6", and 32B (if I'm lucky). The only bra manufacturer that I fit well in is a french company: Chantelle and I have to go to a specialty shop...
  15. Jessica

    Tall boots with Capris

    OK, so I was totally up with fashion this past Spring when I wore my tall boots with a pair of grey wool capris, and now I have PROOF!!! I just received my BCBG Fall Catalog and what do you know???? Almost every pic shows beautiful women, and clothes, wearing capris, gaucho pants, etc ALL with...
  16. Jessica

    Challenge:Artistic/Cool/Funky Makeup--Inspired by NiecyPiecy

    niecypiecy posted a thread in the Say Cheese Forum that is rather inspiring---Thanks niecypiecy!!! Here's a link to the thread: So, rather than showing us what cool/funky/artistic makeup that others have done.....let's see your personal...
  17. Jessica

    Aphrodite Challenge

    Hey all of you goddesses (and gods) show us what your interpretation of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. It can be a classic or modern rendering of the love goddess. We can't wait to see your creations
  18. Jessica

    Texas Ladies!!!!

    Hey!!! I'm in Austin I would love to plan a shopping excursion in San Antonio, Houston or Dallas to meet up with some fellow Specktra/MAC addicts
  19. Jessica

    17 July FOTD

    Well, I haven't posted an FOTD in a very long here's one that hopefully will encourage me to post more (posting the first one is the hardest right?) Thanks for taking a peek Face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer in Porcelain Laura Mercier Secret Camo. Concealer Stila...
  20. Jessica

    Regarding unresolved or problem swaps is not the place to publically resolve problem swaps or swaps gone bad. Therefore the forum staff will not tolerate flaming or drama regarding such transactions. Feel free to use the private messaging system to contact someone, but please do not bring it onto the public forums or we...