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    All Things Beautylish

    Thank you! :)
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    All Things Beautylish

    Noted. Thank you so much!
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    Would you recommend sugar scrubs for the face?

    St. Ives and Acure are the best. Highly recommended. I have also used coffee scrub before. My cousin used to work at Starbucks and she would bring home organic ground coffee from the store then we would use it for our face and body haha. What about you what particular brand of face scrub have...
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    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    Same question. I also have Russian red for almost 5 years now but I just used it last week and it was still the same when I first used it. So, I think it's really long-lasting.
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    Affordable Fragrances?

    ships sorry typo
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    All Things Sephora

    Does anyone here already tried using the Benefit brow superstar set? I've planning to give it to my aunt as a birthday gift since she is really into all kinds of Benefit cosmetics.
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    Affordable Fragrances?

    Do you know a website/online shop for affordable branded fragrances that ships worldwide?
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    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Love the Femme Fatale Gravity Lapse with Emily de Molly The Grey Silence. Perfect for Halloween!
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    Spring-Summer 2020

    It caught my attention too. I loved that eye gloss!
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    YSL Discussion Thread

    Thank you for this info!
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    All Things Beautylish

    I can see here that you are all talking about brushes. What brushes do you suggest for amateurs to use? I am thinking of Zoeva, Mac and some Real Techniques recently.
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    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Is the Decadence palette available already? Last time I checked it's on sale but out of stocks. This is so sad.
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    New forum software: Xenforo Migration

    So far I don't have any issues with my account with this new software that we are using. I am new here and I'm loving this forum!
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    Estee Lauder Warehouse SALE - Markham, Ontario!

    Thank you for this info! I'll be there, see you!
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    Please share your experience with laser removal for stretch marks Cost & Area

    I can see that this is an old post. So, let me ask you first if you had your stretch marks removed already and how was it? I would make some recommendations if you have not done anything yet. Thanks!
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    Would you recommend sugar scrubs for the face?

    I like face scrubs because every time I do some scrubbing it makes me feel that all my dead skin cells are removed and gives me that glowy look but I only do it twice a week as part of my skincare. Just don't scrub vigorously so that it won't hurt your face.
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    Im kinda new

    Hi there! Let's be friends. Totally agree with you. What's your favorite video game?
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    video game lovers club

    If you ask me I would go for F1 2019. But it really depends on what you want whether if you want to race down with other cars on a track or do some rallying.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The last movie I watched was Big Hero 6 because of my 3-year-old daughter :LOL:
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    How to look younger?

    You can try a plant-based or a vegan diet. You will surely have glowing skin and you also tend to lose weight if you also have weight issues.