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  1. shedonna

    The rusty shade in Play on Plums..?

    I adore the rust-colored veining in the Play on Plums Mineral Makeup Duo. Anybody know if that is an actual shade or something similar..?
  2. shedonna

    Quite the Contrary (First EOTD!)

    Okay, so I was a bum all day. No class, no work. It was hardly productive. Plus it was cold outside! I was feeling a little down so I pulled out the makeup kit. Then I felt better. Sorry for the croppage. I had a nekkid face, not HD friendly at all! Products: 100 Strokes Knight the...
  3. shedonna

    Best Concealer for WOC/oily skin

    I have oily skin and I`m looking for a great concealer to wear under my light to medium coverage foundation. I have a few spots on my cheeks and forehead due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that I want to cover as well as natural dark half-circles under my eye. Its hereditary. -_- If you...
  4. shedonna

    UD`s Roach Shade

    I just bought UD`s roach eyeshadow and I found it looks painstakingly similar to 100 Strokes, fyi. Roach seems to have more reddish tone, but they`re almost identical IMO.
  5. shedonna

    Rec. for Nude-looking staples :)

    Hi guys! I`m looking for recommendations for eyeshadows. I`m particularly looking for shadows to achieve an everyday, dewy, warm, natural look. While I`ve heard the rave about several shadows in particular, i`m not sure if they`d work with a darker complexion like mine. A lot of light, nude...
  6. shedonna

    Greetings from Philadelphia

    I joined last year, and kind of.. left the fray. But as my pjism and love for makeup has increased, I`m stumbling back. How are ya?