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  1. jdepp_84

    How do you get bouncy gorgeous hair like Eva Mendez has in The Women??????

    Okay so I am totally obsessed with Eva Mendez after seeing her in this movie. She is super gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect! And that hair! Anybody now how to get it???? OMG I think im in love!
  2. jdepp_84

    CHI Flat Iron for $50!

    I got the black CHI flat iron I already have my SEDU, which is totally perfect.....and I also still have my T3 flat iron, but I had always wanted a was awesome too cuz I bought brand new for $50 from this guy on new!!!!!
  3. jdepp_84

    My tiny but expensive haul

    Fafi Stuff and my new pink laptop Oh and a bunch of other items...well $300 worth of makeup I bought from some of you guys and others online. I am so happyBut my bf...well he's not...but then a gain, he's kind of an idiot dont you guys think
  4. jdepp_84

    Some pics of my new man....:)

    Well here are some pics of Guerro....the new man in my life. Gosh does he hate me!!!! He likes my mom better so whenever she's around he's like "No kisses for you" And here is June!
  5. jdepp_84

    So....what are you doing this very minute?

    I should be working, entering student info or filing. But im so tired and sick that I ser dont feel like doing anything. Ive been drinking so much water that I get up every 5 mintues to pee.
  6. jdepp_84

    Um...suggestions! Help!

    Okay well this is the very first time since becoming a memeber I am posting on here, im just too shy But anyways, I have been practicing with blending, blending and blending. So I did this look right now and I wanted suggestions, comments.....criticism. This girl need help! hehe. Its not a full...
  7. jdepp_84

    Wondering......good drugstore hair color product

    Hello everyone, well I want to get my hair color looking like Lindsay's in the pci below, is there a product, like maybe a mousse or something that you guys would recommend? My hair is a little redish brownish, maybe 2 or 3 shades lighter than that. I tried posting a pic, but it comes out too dark
  8. jdepp_84

    Teal MAC Pigment HELP!!!

    Hi everyone I was wondering how would you wear Teal pigment? I saw a tutorial but im wondering how would I wear it so it would be appropriate for my job? I work in an office so I can't wear anything too bright or extreme I was thinking of maybe in the crease, but what color would look best...
  9. jdepp_84

    Hello my fellow makeup addicts!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hello. Im new to this site so please excuse any mistakes I might make. I can say one thing for sure, im a MAC addict