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  1. Prinsesa

    Question question question :/

    Ever since I got my period, I've always had them regularly, it can be +1/-1 day off.
  2. Prinsesa

    I need help! Ahhh

    Okay ladies, I need serious help with choosing a few products.. I use: NW30 Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 NW25 Select Cover-Up Medium Plus Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural I'm Asian, Filipino to be exact..I go to school and work in an office. These are the items I can get, I know a few that I...
  3. Prinsesa

    First & Second FOTD

    I attempted to make a thread a few weeks ago but it won't let me. Hopefully, this one comes through LOL Well here goes, my first FOTD Feedback please, I know I make a fool out of myself putting on make-up lol :P This is my "school" or "work" look : ) NOTE: Second FOTD removed, I'm...
  4. Prinsesa

    "White Boy Pop Lock Drop"

    YouTube - White Boy Pop Lock and Drop I stumbled across this he's pretty good! LMAO. Soo ladies, anyone else know how to pop lock and drop ?! Haha. ..or your thoughts on men "grinding" or doing what usually girls do on the dance floor?
  5. Prinsesa

    This is sooo frustrating!

    Okay so some of you may know what happened with me and this certain eBay seller. In this situation, I was the "seller" and she's the "buyer" because I get M.A.C items at a really low price. I've refunded her everything completely..INCLUDING a payment she has given me before for a M.A.C lot...
  6. Prinsesa

    Me, the boyfriend and the bestfriend

    I will make this short : ) My boyfriend's best friend HATES me. I'll be able to give the reason as to why she hates if anyone wants to ask. Lol! She used to "like" me before but everything changed when that "incident" happened. ...and so she started talking shit about me to my boyfriend. My...
  7. Prinsesa

    A website in exchange for make-up

    I'm reaaally a nerd at heart, although I don't take up web designing. I've learned it since I was 12.. I was wondering if anyone needs a make-up artist portfolio online but can't afford the prices webdesign companies offer? I can most definitely build you a website from scratch. I wanna...
  8. Prinsesa

    Boys are SO insensitive sometimes!!

    Okay..I used to have this ex and he was SUPER possessive. To make the long story short, he is now going to Canada (he's living somewhere else right now). I'm really scared and when I found out, I was shaking 'cause I'm afraid he might do something to me. I called my boyfriend but he had to go...
  9. Prinsesa

    Miss Independent

    I'm just listening to Neyo's song titled "Miss Independent". I looove the song, a few rock/punk/alternative fans might object lol. The song makes me feel good..and there's nothing better than being independent on your own without a man's help. I'm not a feminist though..I don't think I can do...
  10. Prinsesa

    I'm pretty sure someone else here has the same problem.. :S

    Well, just to make the long story short: I've alwaaaays wanted to have a creative job. Ex: Make up artist, web designer, fashion designer etc. But my parents doesn't really support me career wise. I'm actually in my final year of university and I feel SO depressed. I guess everyone can...
  11. Prinsesa

    Heyy ! =]

    Sooo.. HAHA! But yeah..I actually got into it about 4-5 years ago and then kinda lost track of the make up trend (busy with school, no time for make up lol). But I kinda started buying MAC make up again and I bought LOADSSSS of them when this guy started giving me deals. So I basically buy...