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  1. JaiLeeP

    Hi I am new (kind of)

    Hey all! I am new, kind of, and I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
  2. JaiLeeP

    Need Advice!! Opinions on eyeshadow and pigment storage

    I have this obsessive compulsiveness with my eyeshadows in palettes by color. I have to depot or put new shadows in and move them around to reorganize every single time I get a new one. It has too look neat! My problem is.. what should I do with pressed pigments? Should I put them WITH my...
  3. JaiLeeP

    My Vanity/Storage and Collection

    I wouldn't say I have a large collection. I normally don't keep things I do not use. However, since I am looking into getting into the industry, I am sure it will grow for the variety I would need for clients. I use the Malm Dressing table and the Malm 6 drawer chest. The top of it opens like a...