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  1. maeonsaturday

    YSL Discussion Thread

    Not sure how many of you have bought the reformulated Touche Eclat foundation. My PRE-reformulated shade was B40. Originally they insisted that we stick to the same shade. But in the new formula, B40 is too dark, so they recommended B20 - but that was too light. When I tried B30 today I finally...
  2. maeonsaturday

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    I bought Sphinx (very hard to photograph - there's a brown dusty base, and pink peach shift and sparkle), Midnight Violet (liked it more than I thought I would), Burnished Copper and Opale. Burnished Copper will be going back because it looks too identical to CT Veruschka. Opale does not...
  3. maeonsaturday

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Is it me or does burnished copper look green.
  4. maeonsaturday

    Misc suggestions

    1. We can't seem to search for photos and post and go to that specific photo and post. Instead it's just the thread. 2. Would like the "like" button back.
  5. maeonsaturday

    Tom Ford, YSL, By Terry, Burberry, MAC, Urban Decay, IOPE, Etude House, Tanya Burr

    Cosmetics are used and unboxed unless specified otherwise. Items are not located in the U.S. International shipping with tracking will be US$6-10 depending on number of items and weight of items purchased. Payment by PayPal only and shipping to PayPal confirmed addresses only. Not looking for...
  6. maeonsaturday

    Boxes: keep or throw?

    Sorry not sure where to post this. Please move if there is a better place for this topic. :-) Do you all keep the original boxes for your makeup?
  7. maeonsaturday

    Has anyone purchased from this website. Prices seem so much cheaper than retail. Is it legit?
  8. maeonsaturday

    Cushion foundations

    Has anyone tried cushion foundations? I find they make my skin a bit itchy but when I checked the list of ingredients, bismuth was not listed. Could there be some other ingredient causing the itch?
  9. maeonsaturday

    Snail creams

    I tried snail cream for two days recently and it gave me breakouts. :-( I do not think it makes sense for me to continue with this until "it gets better" - does anyone have a similar experience?
  10. maeonsaturday

    Dry patches appearing hours after foundation

    Guys I have no idea where to post this question - but I have combination skin and no matter what foundation I use, by middle of the day, dry patches start to appear. They are not there during the makeup application. I tried applying moisturizer on them but it doesn't help. Any ideas what I can...
  11. maeonsaturday

    Bloggers' own line of cosmetics, etc

    Has anyone ever tried bloggers'/ vloggers' line of makeup? Tanya Burr, Zoella, now Fleur as well. I have only ever tried Tanya's lipglosses and I like some of them.
  12. maeonsaturday

    Rouge G dupes

    Anyone knows a good dupe for Rouge G Gems? That was first released as LE back in 2009.
  13. maeonsaturday

    Has anyone bought from this French website - is this legit?
  14. maeonsaturday

    Blue/ Green eyeshadow on (yellow skin toned) Asian eyes

    I'm Asian, yellow skin tones, dark brown, medium-sized eyes with double eyelids, and I can't seem to see any blue or green eyeshadows working wonderfully on anyone who looks like me. Google showed up nothing I was particularly impressed by. I'm happy to forgo blue eyeshadows but do any shade of...
  15. maeonsaturday

    Expired cosmetics

    What do you guys do with expired cosmetics? I can't bring myself to throw them away. The expensive ones.
  16. maeonsaturday

    Discontinued Chanel lip colors

    What do you guys do with discontinued lip colors that you seldom use? I bought 3x Chanel Dragon (tester forms) when they were about to be discontinued and hardly use them. Not much luck on eBay either.