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  1. PixieDancer

    My Current Makeup Storage! (AKA THIS Is Why I Put Myself On A "LOW-BUY") * PIC HEAVY *

    My Current Makeup Storage! (AKA THIS Is Why I Put Myself On A "LOW-BUY") * PIC HEAVY * I recently organized all my makeup into an Elfa Platinum Medium 10-Runner Frame storage unit from The Container Store. I...
  2. PixieDancer

    Resolution "LOW-BUY" 2014! Who wants to play?

    After discussing our ever-growing collections on numerous occasions with a couple of my Specktra friends (Shellcat, Spikesmom, Serenityy, etc.) I got to thinking about my New Year's resolutions and how I could use some make-up collection therapy going into 2014. I purpose anyone who wants to try...
  3. PixieDancer

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

    Just wanted to start a new thread since I couldn't find a recent one that discussed Anastasia Cosmetics... I recently applied and was accepted for my Anastasia PRO Discount. It allows me to shop online at the website only. This line is also carried at...
  4. PixieDancer


    When I joined Specktra I thought "hey, I'll learn about launches and products and maybe find some cool people on there that share my love (OBSESSION) for makeup." NEVER in a million years did I expect to find a community of such wonderful people! In just the last few days I have...
  5. PixieDancer

    A Happy Makeup Junkie Thrilled to Be Here!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello and introduce myself! My name is Taya. I have been watching this site for almost a year and FINALLY decided to jump in and be a part of the FUN! I LOVE MAKEUP... and ALL things beauty, fashion, fitness, health, welness, etc! Hope to learn tons of new...