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  1. brokenxbeauty

    My recent go-to work look

    I went through my collection about a week ago to see which products I just need to part with and stumbled upon the shadows I purchased from A Rose Romance collection. I hadn't used them much because I was having trouble getting them to show up the way I wanted to. I'm still struggling with Of...
  2. brokenxbeauty

    LE La Bohème Baked Eye Shadow Palette This is a limited edition online-only palette from MUFE. It's been out since about February I believe and seems more spring-oriented but it still online and I love the colors! There were mixed reviews on...
  3. brokenxbeauty

    30 lbs and little motivation

    I have always struggled with motivating to lose weight. I've never been overweight but I've never been happy with the way I look or the number on the scale. The most happy I was with the way I looked in a bathing suit was when I was on drugs and didn't eat much. Then I started drinking... holy...
  4. brokenxbeauty

    "warm" scents

    I'm pretty picky when it comes to perfumes, and lately I've been digging the "warm" vanilla/amber type scents. Any recommendations on some perfumes to try out? I've been dying to find my "signature" scent!
  5. brokenxbeauty

    Tips for applying makeup on OTHERS

    I didn't see a thread on this, so forgive me if I've missed it. I find applying makeup on others considerably harder than on myself. Does anyone have tips on how to apply makeup on other people?
  6. brokenxbeauty

    Say Yes To...

    The Say Yes To line is something I've been eyeing at the drugstore for some time now. They have Say Yes To Tomatoes, Say Yes to Carrots, and Say Yes to Cucumbers. They're very natural, eco-friendly products. For skin care, the different veggies are most helpful with different kinds of skin, and...
  7. brokenxbeauty

    Merlot Skin Care

    I came upon a few of these products at Walgreens today. I was looking for a mask to try and decided to try out the Merlot Grapeseed Purying Peel-off Mask. I've only tried it once and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Have any of you tried this or other Merlot products? Opinions?
  8. brokenxbeauty

    Blending eyeshadow and relating it to guys?

    In my public speaking class our first speech is just a short informative speech. I wanted to do mine about blending eyeshadow, but we have to make it relate/appeal to our whole audience? How could I validate this as important for the guys in my class too? I was thinking things like... they could...
  9. brokenxbeauty

    Birthday FOTD :D

    I turned eighteen today. (: eyes wet n wild creme shadow (as base) shroom e/s woodwinked e/s satin taupe e/s avon u02 e/l covergirl lashblast macara black platinum (is it just me or are there NO sparkles in this?) face dame blush honey highlighting powder golden bronzing powder light...
  10. brokenxbeauty


    I couldn't find a thread about this, so apologies if there is one I overlooked. I'm interested in getting an epilator, but don't know much about them. Would you recommend one or not, why? Also, recommendations as what brand or anything would be appreciated as well. (:
  11. brokenxbeauty

    Picnic dinner date by the lake

    Alright, so my boyfriend has been out of town for a little over a month, and will be back next Friday. He said I could plan whatever it was I wanted to do, and so sometime that weekend I'm planning on taking him on an evening picnic at a lake... either on the beach, or the dock. I'm really...
  12. brokenxbeauty

    Katy Perry inspired look!

    I had a couple FOTDs stored up, but now I've forgotten most of the products I used. Oh well. Here's a recent one! (: Oh, and excuse my hair. Eyes wet n wild creme shadow (for base) MAC shroom e/s MAC et tu bouquet? e/s avon U02 black e/l mac penultimate e/l Rimmel glam eyes mascara Face...
  13. brokenxbeauty

    I'm freaking out! (Plan B)

    Alright, so the night before last I had unprotected sex. There's dumb move number one. He didn't cum but I was still really worried, because every time I've had unprotected sex I'd be like "if I just get my period, I will never do this again!" and then I would. So I'm super paranoid, and decide...
  14. brokenxbeauty

    Help with my prom look?

    I've got this super fabulous dress, and I'm clueless about the makeup to wear with it. I'm not sure if I want a neutral or bright look yet, so suggestions for either would be wonderful! Here's my dress:
  15. brokenxbeauty

    I just adore this look!

    I found this picture, and am anxious to re-create this look. Just wondering what products you all would suggest. (:
  16. brokenxbeauty

    Take me home, I'd rather die than be with you

    This song has been stuck in my head for a couple hours now, but I love Mayday Parade! (: I haven't had a lot of inspiration lately, but this is a look I did last Saturday before I went to work, it had snowed a ton out the night before, so it was inspired by the winter weather (that we can...
  17. brokenxbeauty

    Dye idea help, asap!

    i'm planning on going to the salon hopefully tonight, but possibly tomorrow afternoon. i want to dye my hair black & blonde, but i'm stuck between a few different choices. 1. black with blonde highlights 2. blonde on top, black on bottom 3. black on top, blonde on bottom 4. blonde with black...
  18. brokenxbeauty

    My "I'm sick of being sick and lonely" haul/first haul of 09

    This is probably my biggest haul yet! The MA that helped me was really nice, and I feel like I got a lot for my money. It definitely put me in a better mood! I got: Penultimate liner from the Chill collection (after hearing you all raving about it!) Dame blush Springsheen blush Golden...
  19. brokenxbeauty

    It's been awhile! A few new looks.

    I haven't been doing anything exciting lately, these are 3 of the maybe 5 exciting looks I've done since November. I want to start doing more, I just wake up tired for school and end up sleeping, and just wearing eyeliner and mascara every day. :| Comments and criticism greatly appreciated...
  20. brokenxbeauty

    What lipsticks would look good on me?

    I hardly ever wear any lippies because I never know which ones to buy that will look good on me! I'm definitely looking for some good nude shades but I'm up for anything you all would recommend! Here's what I look like: