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  1. Jennybella


    so I spent my black friday at ikea in new haven ,ct... It was my first time at the store and omfg i fell in LOVE!!! I cant wait to actually OWN a place so I can fill it with furnishings from there.. but anywayyyyyyyyyy I was looking through the AS-IS section and guess what I saw.... THE HUGE...
  2. Jennybella

    stupid eyelashes!! help :(

    so Ive tried EVERYTHING to get my natural lashes to curl and nothing seems to be working any recs tips or tricks ladies??
  3. Jennybella

    steamy much?

    everything MAC unless noted.. FACE: Face & Body in N2 Smashbox photo finish color correcting Shimpagne MSF Warmed MSF Trace Gold blush EYES: Stilife paint tilt e/s parrot e/s freshwater e/s steamy e/s Avon daring definition brow filler in soft black CoverGirl eyeliner in black onyx Rimmel Lash...
  4. Jennybella

    pretty little princess

    my friend chrissy and her daughter came over last night and of course her daughter (who is 5) went into the "girly room" (the 2nd bedroom in our apartment where my clothes ,makeup,jewlery and computer are) and she begged us to put makeup on her so we said what the hell why not .. heres the...
  5. Jennybella

    my "omg my husband is amazing and gave me a macys giftcard" haul

    sooo my husband and I have this horrible habit of not being able to wait till Christmas to exchange gifts lol welllllllll anyway he gave me 2 of my gifts early... The Ugly Betty season 1 box set and .......... A 100$ MACYS GIFTCARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha so of course I motored to the...
  6. Jennybella

    hey goodlookin ;)

    my first time using false lashes AHHHH Face: NW20 studio fix Eyes: Playful es Twinks es Lips: Real Doll LS Malibu Barbie LG
  7. Jennybella

    matching eyeshadows

    Im so bad @ matching eyeshadows can anyone help me kinda put some cute looks together with the shadows ive got? heres my colors: sushi flower trax gorgeous gold rite of spring nocturnelle goldmine da bling shroom swish steamy twinks hepcat star violet amber lights lightshade beauty sleep...
  8. Jennybella

    boredddddd and now I want sushi hahaha

    face: studio tech NW20 Lightscapade MSF studio moisture fix eyes: Avon black eyeliner sushi flower stars n rockets Avon mascara lips: smashbox lipstain in some purpleish color OH and btw look how bad my hair faded in just one week
  9. Jennybella

    new hair !

    hehe just got it done today
  10. Jennybella

    my canal st haul

    2 pairs of chanel earrings a diamond ring key chain from avon, a chanel key chain, and a coach hello kitty key chain and a juicy couture necklace, and 2 hello kitty necklaces all together about 80$ spent and im in love!!!! im going back this week to buy some purses and some Ed Hardy stuff...
  11. Jennybella

    Rite Of Spring in the winter

    WARNING my hair is a mess in these pics cuz this was before I straightened it ! so dont make fun for my eyes I used Shroom e/s Rite Of Spring e/s and Coppering
  12. Jennybella

    Macys counter question

    ok Ive got a few years of retail experience and Ive got an ok collection but I dont have a portfolio or anything.. do you think I should even think of applying or just wait? Im really nervous because Im not the prettiest or skinniest girl in the world and dont wanna immediately get turned down...
  13. Jennybella

    my first FOTD I used Amber lights, woodwinked, shale, gorgeous gold and and golmine !
  14. Jennybella

    purse addiction :X

    this pic is old and a lot more is added to my collection but yeah.. Im a Canal St junkie :X
  15. Jennybella

    my collection *updated 12-1-06* PIC HEAVY

    my collection updated!!!!!!!!! as of 11-8-07 all my face stuff which includes: studio fix fluid NC25 Strobe cream studio moisture fix charged water hydrating mist in renewal defense select sheer loose powder NW25 studio tech NW 20 Peachykeen blush Sunbasque blush trace gold blush lightscapade...