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  1. PerformingMAC

    Help with picking NC20 or NW20 concealer!

    Hiya Specktrites! I'm trying to decide with purchasing online the MAC studio stick concealer but I'm having trouble discerning which one to choose. The lightest ones are NC20 and NW20 and I need it to cover a red birthmark. I currently use Dermablend Quick-Fix in Natural, but I wanted to give...
  2. PerformingMAC

    Christmas to BBR Hauls

    I am so poor right now... (pics are clickable) Some brushes from Michaels that I wanted to try Sonia Kashuk eyelashes and NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk Shu Eumera(sp?) eyelash curler, Special Edition Tweezerman set and the Velvet Rope Travel Edition of the Urban Decay 24/7...
  3. PerformingMAC

    What to do with a broken MSF?

    I recently broke my So Ceylon MSF and I was wondering, was there a way of doing something with the pieces so I could go ahead and B2M the case?
  4. PerformingMAC

    Money grows on trees, right? CCO Haul!

    Pics are Clickable! Retrospeck e/s Bare Canvas paint Funshine slimshine Buoy-O-Buoy l/s Secret Blush Violet Underground e/k 129 SH brush w/ Fafi pouch 222 brush Some Clinique Face Stuff Pink D'Lush Slimshine Peony BB Shimmerbrick Post Haste e/s Sublime Culture l/l Well, any Christmas Bonus...
  5. PerformingMAC

    If I have "these" shadows, what should I not get?

    I currently have the following e/s: Blanc Type Time & Space Pen 'n' Pink Signed, Sealed Grain Velvet Moss I want to get at least: Carbon Soft Brown Amber Lights Coral What Mac colors are basically "dupes" or at least really similar for these colors. I don't have access to a MAC store or...
  6. PerformingMAC

    How to darken eyebrows w/o them looking fake

    I have to dye my hair dark brown for a show I am doing. My eyebrows were designed w/ a dark blonde/very light brown-haired person in mind. No matter what I do in trying to merge their color to my fakey hair color, they look too dark or "Look! Eyebrows!". I've been using a dark brown eyeliner...
  7. PerformingMAC

    First Haul Posting!

    Yay for CCO! My most recent two hauls from the wonderful Cosmetics Company Outlet! (click for full size) Nail Polishes: Pretty Miss, Twink Pink, Dark Angel Shadesticks: Corn, Beige-ing Lip Pencils: Lure, Cherry Lipstick: Ruby Woo Holiday 2007 Coral Lips E/S: Grain 239 Brush I also got Viva...
  8. PerformingMAC

    Just got PRO membership...what should I get?

    I need help deciding what all I should buy with my discount. I already know I am going to get a 15 palette. Here is what I already own: Studio Fix N5 Min. Skinfinish: Petticoat and So Ceylon (which I just broke...AAHHHH!) Dazzleglass: Baby Sparks L/G: Some fafi ones, naked space, enchantress...
  9. PerformingMAC

    Newbie who has fallen in love...

    With MAC!!! Oh yes, true true love. I am so glad to officially join up with Spektra. I'm a musical theatre performer who has found her official stage makeup. Can't wait to talk with other MAC Lovers!