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  1. Sojourner

    Jean Paul Guerlain...the perfume giant and his controversial racist comments...

    French perfume house Guerlain faces legal action over racist comments Anti-racism groups plan to sue perfume house after Jean-Paul Guerlain's remark on national TV Anti-racism groups in France are to sue the perfume house Guerlain after one of its best known perfumiers said he "worked...
  2. Sojourner

    NARS Eyebrow Pencil anyone?

    Anyone use these, got an opinion on the texture/colours? Doesn't seem like a popular product at all...but those can sometimes be the gems! Would love to hear what you think!
  3. Sojourner

    Impeccable Brow Pencil

    Does anyone have it? What's the texture like? Is it easy to work with? New product so not many reviews out there.
  4. Sojourner

    In light of US price increases, will UK/Europe prices go up again?

    Just wondering because UK prices went up significantly in August 2009, like 14% for an I'm thinking that it would be reallly unreasonable for MAC to increase UK prices yet again so soon But then I'm also thinking that this is how MAC rolls these days...further unreasonable price...
  5. Sojourner

    Studio Fix Powder colour rec...C4 vs C40

  6. Sojourner for Fragrances...views?

  7. Sojourner

    Anyone purchased from malibubarbieandfriends?

    Hi Specktra! I've only discovered this site recently so I think I may have been stung on eBay just now Thanks so much for all your help in trying to expose fake/bad sellers...some of us out there are clueless and overly trusting. There is one purchase recently that I made from this seller...