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  1. orodwen

    so original lipstick (frost.) i've never seen this

    in person & recently saw it used in a pic. are any of you familiar with it? how old is it? was it LE or permanent? i'm having a total brainfart on this l/s. tia!
  2. orodwen

    crappy cel phone pics of my NOTD

    the colour is zoya iris. the 1st 2 pics were taken minutes ago w/ an overcast sky & it really doesn't show off the pale softness or the gilded pearl of the polish: these 2 pics were taken a month ago under sunnier conditions & show the colour better: before the colour was changed last...
  3. orodwen

    tons of fun: more emoticons?

    since i've been hunting around for them i thought i should post some here as a whole batch of suggestions so the mods can glean what they can from what some of what i've scoured. i can add more if you want.
  4. orodwen

    moving my swap items over here

    in the next couple of weeks i will be moving all of my listings from mua as well as other stuff i want to part w/ & post them over here. i really need some place w/ more flexibility & specktra fits that bill. i don't know how fast my stash will move but i'm going to put in requests for 1 item...
  5. orodwen

    looking for non-mac blush suggestions

    i can't remember if i found this picture on the mac LJ community or if it was from a hair site but i love this look. i have everything to do the eyes & lips but i'm kinda lost on the cheeks. care to help out? also, if you know who this is please let me know so i can give credit. thanks!
  6. orodwen

    dreams & death

    sun-mon night i had a nightmare of my mum dying....right in front of me & not peacefully. i won't go into details but i wondered if her heart or some other major organ had ruptured by how things happened. i can feel in my dreams so when she hit the floor i felt the hard, thudding vibration...
  7. orodwen

    any contact lens wearers here that have naturally dry eyes?

    what are you wearing that's the most comfortable? do any of you have astigmatism? i want to give contact lenses another go sometime this year & my son wants to try them for the 1st time. i have dry eyes, he has an astigmatism & we live in a semi-arid climate. tia!
  8. orodwen

    any hikers or climbers on? i'm having these boots held for me

    they're by asolo & they're the stynger model. w/ my wonky feet they fit really well: roomy toebox, snug heel, adjustable ankle area w/ the speed lacing. i wasn't planning on getting any boots just yet but these feel so promising & i found them on sale nearby so i think i'll be grabbing them...
  9. orodwen

    it's a craptacular cel phone pic but

    here is my new piercing as of last night: once it heals i'm gonna get some 18-22kt nose pins from india. i think those are the prettiest & most meaningful. do any of you have one (or some) of those? i probably shoulda put this in the picture section but thanks for looking just the same!
  10. orodwen

    can any of you mua members get on there right now?

  11. orodwen

    i got snappy this week!!!

    i received it via a swap & i'm so happy! i can't play w/ it until the other swapper receives her end (i bungled the swap & sent her a package that's s'posed to go to another swapper...ahh, the joys of multiple swaps & PMS!) but i figured i'd go aheaad and ask: those of you that have snappy...
  12. orodwen

    NEED HELP: hair appt TODAY!!!

    for starters. my hair type: i have fine hair that's thin in front, top & crown & light-thin over the rest. i have natural wave/curl but it doesn't show up as much in this climate. i'm currently platinum through the top orange & red (looks magenta these days) from sides to nape. i'm going...
  13. orodwen

    maybe this has happened to someone else but i can't

    see pics on if i'm the only one having this problem i'll page sonrisa, because maybe then it's my browser.
  14. orodwen

    Pictureless FOTD 11/25/05

    i'll start. face & cheeks: loreal airwear brightener aveda hatha blush eyes: MK bronze eyecicle as a base loreal bronze star duo: lighter shade on lid & crease, deeper shade in crease, outer corner & lower lashline delux chimpy blue along upper lashline milani atlantis e/s layered over CB MF...
  15. orodwen

    found a BEAUTEOUS sunset colour combo BUT

    how should i wear them on my eyes? bamboom paint w/ fashion fair copper (identical to milani flare, perhaps also mac coppering) over it mauvism paint w/ UD grifter (bright lilac w/ glitter) & mac digit side-by-side & blended a bit over each other as well bamboom/copper. how would you wear...
  16. orodwen

    harry potter tonight. anyone going to the midnight showing?

    i'm gonna dress up, & if i am successful w/ sewing, our son will wear a robe. we love going to opening midnight showings. if we had been thinking enough ahead, we would have bought tickets to the imax theatre in denver but between jim's surgery & other things, it just took a backseat. in...
  17. orodwen

    making your own custom colours

    here's the one i just did. i put bare venus on then layered modum over it. it looks like a slightly lighter version of vista, if any of you remember what it looked like. an older one that i got from a sweet mua buddy of mine is TF glamorous life over bitter. gorgeous! do you have custom...
  18. orodwen

    perms for coloured hair

    i know that there are perms out there that are much easier for coloured hair; newer formulas that allow individuals to do both. i know perms aren't popular these days but w/ the advances made a lot more can be done. do any of you know what some of those improved lines here are the kind of...
  19. orodwen

    fotd by sonrisa, UL'd w/ permission to get recommendations

    and here's the breakdown of the entire look. i'm personally interested in dup'ing the eye colours. Eyes: Infamous and Hot & Sour Paint. Marz, Paisley, Fluff and White Frost Eye Shadows. Icon Eyes and Lilacky eye khols. All Black Fibre Rich mascara. Cheeks: Bronze Reflections, Porcelian Pink...