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  1. user6

    Yay! It's finally Here!! My first pro store purchase!!!

    Ok, so many of you probably know that there are no pro stores here in Hell Paso, or anywhere near that's driving distance with m'two boys. So by advice of a lovely Specktra user, I called an actual store and placed an order, this was thursday, and i finally got it today! YAY!! So here it is...
  2. user6

    Here's my illusionary/burning ambition try

    I know there's always room for improvement so please let me know what you guys think! You can click on the pic to make it bigger! Also, Please enjoy my Dr. Evil impression at the end! Thanks!!!!!!! Eyes open pose: Eyes closed: Come on, gimme a kiss!! Here it is, Dr.Evil: Here's what I...
  3. user6

    I didn't overdo it!!!! Stop saying I overdid it!!!!

    Ok, so I finally got my stuff today, and I also went to my mac counter, so here's a list of all my spending! MSF Medium MSF Shooting Star MSF Shimpagne MSF Porcelain Pink E/S Heat/Element, Illusionary/Burning Ambition L/S Blonde on Blonde L/S Shag L/G Factory Made F/L Graphic Brown I just...
  4. user6

    Does Anyone Use Kryolan?

    Has anybody ever heard of Kryolan? I've been using their palettes since like high school, but now i'm actually starting to realize that they make foundation, powder...pretty much all cosmetics! So my question is does anyone else use their products, if so which ones and how do you like it? Here...
  5. user6

    What do you get when you mix old gold, rose gold, nightlight and black tied?

    This....let me know what you guys think!
  6. user6

    I just have to copy everyone else...This is how much I've changed these past years!!!

    Ok, so everyone else is posting their collage of pictures showing how much they've changed over the years, so here's my version! And please respond with your own pics! It'll be fun to see all the different phases everyone goes through!!!!!
  7. user6

    I couldn't sleep, so I cracked open my traincase!!

    lol, well, I couldn't sleep lastnight (my husband was up watching tv), so I figured I'd just do my makeup! Here's what my experimenting amounted to, hope you guys like it:
  8. user6

    Plucking Eyebrows!!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else hate plucking their eyebrows?! I mean, don't get me wrong, I like the result, but I HATE doing eyes tear up and my skin turns red , and sometimes I mess up .....I don't know, since High School I would go and get my eyebrows threaded, but now that...
  9. user6

    An hour of experimenting

    Ok, so all I did last Saturday since my husband was off, was makeup! By the end of the day, after countless washing off, and wiping away, this was the best I could do.....asides from being a hairy bastard, I'm a person who really stopped doing makeup about 3 years what do you guys...