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    NW25: Which shade of Prolongwear concealer should I buy? NW20 or Nw25?

    Should I buy the same shade or a shade lighter? TIA
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    Can somebody recognize this nail polish? r/o

    Hi: I've been watching High Society with Tinsley Mortimer and I absolutely love her nail polish. I'd like to buy a similar one, so I'm posting 2 screenshots: one of the colour and another one of the nail polish bottle, in case someone can recognize the brand. Thanks in advance ¡¡¡ PD: English...
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    Could you rec a blush similar to MAC Cantaloupe?

    I love this blush, have recently discovered it through a video in Youtube, but it's not available in my country. Could somebody rec a similar one by other brand? TIA
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    I have a question about Mac in eBay

    How do MAC vendors in EBAY have such a stock of MAC MU? I mean, do they steal them :confused: , are they compulsive buyers , did the MU fall from the sky? MAC is only sold in certain stores, isn't it? So how do these vendors happen to have such a stock? Just curious.
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    Which are the 3 must-have e/s from MAC, in your opinion?

    I only have a must-have, Shroom, but if you could just choose 3, which ones would they be? Thanks a lot.
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    Where can I buy Stila online?

    Not or I mean some site that ships internationally. Stila has stopped selling their products in Spain due to low demand ( ) and I can't find a site who sells them. Thanks.
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    How do you use Flickr?

    Hi: I'd like to know how you ladies use Flickr, I mean, do you use them to have your pics privately stored? Or, on the contrary, you use it to share it with others? And another question: Could I use it to store beautiful pics I find in the internet or is it forbidden? I've got a photobucket...
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    I need recs for an inexpensive loose powder

    thanks ¡¡¡
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    Do you use makeup by MaryKay?

    Which items do you use? Thanks a lot.
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    A question for Ebay sellers about Paypal

    I have only used Paypal to pay for my purchases. I'm thinking about selling some things in Ebay and I don't know how it works. Once the buyer has paid through Ebay, does the money go to my savings account or where? Does it stay in Paypal? How can I have the money in my bank? Thanks.
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    Oily gals: Which is your HG foundation?

    I'd prefer recs for liquid foundation, not powder. Thanks ¡¡¡¡