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  1. rockin

    MAC X Pony Park Collection (Sep 21, 2019)

    Does anyone know when this is coming to the UK?
  2. rockin

    MAC Starring You Holiday Collection (2019)

    For the first time ever, I don't think there's anything in this holiday collection that appeals to me
  3. rockin

    MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)

    It's live on the UK site The Disney Aladdin Collection by M.A.C Collection Page | MAC Cosmetics - Official Site The bright pink lipstick sold out within the last few minutes. It was available, then when I looked again it had gone. Also available on
  4. rockin

    UK Release Dates Discussion - All Brands Welcome!

    Just seen on Facebook that e.l.f is coming to Superdrug
  5. rockin

    MAC Makeup Masters 2017

    Picture from Vampy Varnish
  6. rockin

    UK Release Dates Discussion - All Brands Welcome!

    Boots Christmas weekly *Star Gifts* starts this Friday with a Smashbox set
  7. rockin

    Fake Iris Apfel eyeshadows

    I've just received from an ebay seller two Iris Apfel eyeshadows - Early Bird and Robin's Egg, which I am now suspecting are fake, unlike the Gameela eyeshadow they sent me, which appears to be genuine. I can't seem to find any mention of fake Iris Apfel eyeshadows anywhere. Is anyone...
  8. rockin

    Blatant fakes on ebay

    Just seen this rather unusual 'Marcel Wanders Mystery Powder' on ebay, and looked at the seller's other items. I don't think there's anything genuine there at all, yet they have loads of positive feedback...
  9. rockin

    HARMONG - seriously? not just a mis-spelling in the title, it's in the body of the listing too and since when was Cornflower yellow?
  10. rockin

    Venomous Villains and Surf Baby, anyone?

    Wow, look at all the different Venomous Villains eyeshadows and Surf Baby lipsticks this seller has
  11. rockin

    Could these be fake?

    I was looking at a seller's eyeshadows, namely Thunder, Cumulus and Go (Starflash), and messaged her to ask what the batch codes were. She told me Cumulus is A48 and Go is A33. Thunder, at B47 appears to be in order, but would I be right in doubting the other 2? Cumulus came out...
  12. rockin

    Fake Wonder Woman eyeshadows

    Hmm, so they did them in palettes of 6 did they? Don't think so!
  13. rockin

    Are these all fakes?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me confirm the authenticity of some eyeshadows I purchased recently, please? Today I received a package from ebay seller other97, shop name My Glamorous Life, and the very first thing I checked was a silver pigment which I could instantly see was fake...
  14. rockin

    Opinions on Pro pigment authenticity, please?

    Hi all, and Happy New Year I'm on a MAC buying spree again, having bought quite a bit from the official MAC UK website recently. However, I don't seem to be able to get my hands on the Pro pigment Burnt Burgundy. I found this one on ebay, and am unable to tell from the pictures whether...
  15. rockin

    Real or fake?

    Hi, I was doing a search on ebay for 'white gold' and 'silver' pigments, and 'deep truth' eyeshadow, and came across this seller eBay Seller: twinkly-things: Health Beauty items on who has all 3, and more However, I am a little suspicious that these may not be genuine, as the...
  16. rockin

    More fake eyeshadows?

    Hi, could someone confirm whether my suspicions about this seller's eyeshadows are correct please? These are just two of them M*A*C Eye Shadow (Swimming Green) BRAND NEW on eBay, also, Eye Shadow, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty (end time 30-Jun-08 20:35:51 BST) M*A*C Eye Shadow (Pandamonium...
  17. rockin

    2.5g pigments in 7.5g jars?

    I thought pigments were only available in 7.5g jars and those little vials?? According to closetmustgo, the 2.5g pigments are packaged in the same jars as the 7.5g pigments, and she has photographs of the same. Is this right? She has a few for sale in different colours MAC PRO PIGMENT *...
  18. rockin

    Is this genuine, please?

    Has anyone had any dealings with candiigirlz? I'm interested in her chartreuse pigment, but since I know it is hard to come by, I would like your opinions on whether it is genuine. From what I can see, I think it could be, but I don't want to make any more mistakes (1) MAC PIGMENTS -DISCONTD...
  19. rockin

    Seller suspended

    Hi, Has anyone here bought from 2tsfavs on ebay? I bought a MAC lipglass from them on 1st November, and on checking My Ebay today, the purchase has disappeared from the list altogether. On clicking the item link in my emails, it appears that the item has been removed from ebay, and the...