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  1. Shanneran

    Branson, MO

    Hey All, just wondering if anyone on here is from Branson, MO. I am going to be visiting there in July and was just wondering where all the good shopping and hangouts are? I think i may have found a CCO online, and am pretty excited since we dont have anything like that here in canada. Any...
  2. Shanneran

    Sugarsweet / Grand Duo Haul

    So, to start off, I should say that I am mildly addicted to blushes. So, yeah.. this is my haul -Refined MSF -Perfect Topping MSF -Lollipop Loving Lipstick -Grand Duo Blush -Intenso Blush (which i wore today and am MADLY in love with) -Moon River Blush -Love Rock Blush Basically, after Hello...
  3. Shanneran

    My Birthday Haul *YAY*

    For my birthday my mom and lovely friends got me M.A.C. GC's. So i was totally stoked to go to our new MAC Freestanding Store.... I picked up : -252 Eye Brush -Untitled Paint -Bare Canvas Paint -illusionary/burning ambition eyeshadow duo -Dervish Lipliner -Sublime Culture Lipliner -Chai...
  4. Shanneran

    My Growing Collection (MAC Only, Pics Soon)

    Foundation -Studio Fix In N4 -Hyper Real In NW 100 Concealer -Select Coverup Blush -Pinch O Peach Mineralized Skin Finishes/Pressed Powders -Coupe D'Chic -Petticoat MSF -Porcelain Pink MSF -New Vegas MSF Eyeshadows -Silver Charm -Titillate -Trousseau -Loungewear -Taupeless -Flirty...
  5. Shanneran

    Ordering from the MAC phoneline

    okay... so in calgary there isnt a freestanding store where i can order propans or anything pro i guess... so can anyone call the number and order pans/pallettes or do you have to be a ppid or whatever its called...? sorry im just kind of curious.. i read that someone said you can pay by debit...
  6. Shanneran

    Face Primer Recommendations? All Brands Welcome!

    thanks for the heads up.. i def. wont waste my money on this then.. lol... its always hard to say... can anyone rec some good face primers???
  7. Shanneran

    Prep + Prime Lip / Face / Eye - What do you think? Opinions? Reviews?

    LE or Permie?..... has anyone had the pleasure of trying the skin prep... i have terribly large pores and red blotches.. not to mention... my foundation wont stay put.. anyone try it out?
  8. Shanneran

    skinfinish/irridescent powder

    okay.. so.. i know like.. jack all about makeup haha.. so i need to ask you guys some questions.. i ordered three skinfinishes and an irridescent powder.. and the 187 brush.. now... i dont know WHAT possesed me to order them but i did...and i dont know what they are and what to do with them...
  9. Shanneran

    canada girls...prices please

    does anyone know the canadian prices for pans and 15 pan pallettes? sorry for all the questions lately ladies ;p thx for all your help
  10. Shanneran

    Mixing Medium/Pigments

    im going to a pro store this weekend and i dont know whether or not i should get golden olive or kelly green pigment.... i plan on picking up a ton of pigments b/c i cant get much of anything here in calgary.. i want to get either golden olive or kelly green, melon, maroon, pink bronze, steel...
  11. Shanneran

    219 Pencil Brush

    does anyone have this brush? do you like it? what do you mainly use it for.... i like doing multi colored looks but have troubles with getting the colors precisely where i want them because my brushes are all so big... would this be good for that?
  12. Shanneran

    Lip Issues

    okay.. so ... i lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee putting lipstick/lipgloss on my lips... and i work for a clothing its pretty much a requirement that i wear makeup... (like i wouldnt anyways) but i have a problem.. about and hour or two into my shift... my lip color dries up and around the...
  13. Shanneran

    Birthday Giftcard

    for my bday im getting a 300 dollar gift certificate to m.a.c .. i have a bunch of stuff.. but this is a mall location in the bay up here in canada so we dont really get many pigments or anything... i was just wondering what your favorite products are... i think i need to get some more brushes...
  14. Shanneran

    Updated and NOW PICS

    <please delete thread>
  15. Shanneran

    Yet another C-Squeeze FOTD (EDITED)

    gorgeous as always..