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  1. xShoegal

    Whats this brush for?

    What is this brush for?
  2. xShoegal

    How to get shiny hair

    Hey ladies... Please help me! When the weather is getting hotter my hair is turning dry more and more... I alway use deep conditioners, but nothing helps. Do you have some great ideas to share or products?
  3. xShoegal

    Sex and the city - The movie

    Woooooooooah! I´m totally stunned, amazed, delighted ..... AW! Today I watched Sex and the City - it was the best movie I´ve ever seen! This movie was so... gosh... can´t find words! Has anybody seen it too?
  4. xShoegal

    Newb from Germany - Hello!

    Hello there! I watched this site long time and now I guess it was time to register and introduce myself. So this is me: 19 years old, 20 soon From Germany Totally addicted to make-up Especially attracted to EYESHADOWS Love to make time for beauty & fashion Passionate Photographer!
  5. xShoegal

    HELP: Ideas for a special bridal and party look ?

    Dear beautyaddicts! I don´t know where to put this topic, but I need your help. In summer there will be a big wedding (not mine) and I just wanted to know, if somebody got ideas for a special bridal and party look... It would be so nice, if you would take some time, do a look and put a picture...